My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1047

Chapter 1047 Is She Good?

On Monday, Melody sent Little Estie to the new kindergarten in person.

Compared to the previous one, this kindergarten was as advanced.

The only difference was that the teachers and Estie’s classmates had changed.

Melody was very satisfied with her arrangement.

‘My granddaughter is finally away from that Jacobs woman and those two little critters!

‘As for friends, she can always make new friends in the new kindergarten!’

Melody was so focused on thinking about the little girl’s future life that she neglected Little Estie’s emotions. Once she handed the little girl over to the teacher, she turned and left.

Behind her, the kindergarten teacher’s face was troubled as she looked at the little girl with tears all over her face.

The children who enrolled in this kindergarten were either from rich or powerful families.

Their parents were difficult to serve.

‘If her parents find out that their daughter is crying in kindergarten, it’s very likely that I’ll lose my job tomorrow.’

Thinking of this, the teacher quickly squatted down and coaxed the little girl. “Sweet Estie, all your friends are waiting for you in the classroom.

You’re so pretty. Everyone will like you very much!”

The teacher noticed as she spoke that the little girl looked very delicate. Her cries were silent and not annoying at all. On the contrary, it would make people feel distressed over it.

The little girl could not listen to the teacher’s words at all. She just lowered her head and sobbed unceasingly.

Seeing this, the teacher had no choice but to bring the little girl into the class first and introduce Estie to the other children for her.

The little girl looked delicate and cute. After a while, there were children around her who tried to comfort her.

Little Estie did not pay attention to anyone. She just lowered her head and sobbed as she twisted her fingers together.

A child anxiously went to hold her hand as she attempted to comfort Estie.

Little Estie was frightened by that gesture and screamed while dodging the other child.

“What’s wrong?”

The teacher was taken aback and hurried over with concern.

The children were also frightened, and upon realization, their attitude toward the little girl changed drastically.

“Teacher, she’s so weird!”

The little children thought that the little girl in front of them was a freak. Never mind that she ignored them, but she kept screaming hysterically now.

The teacher could not help but frown and gradually had a speculation in her heart.

‘This little girl doesn’t seem normal…’

Realizing this, the teacher could not help but have a headache. She could only ask the other children to go back to their seats and try to comfort Little Estie herself.

However, no matter what she said, the little girl did not respond.

Fortunately, the screaming had stopped, and the little girl just lowered her head and ignored everyone.

The teacher had no choice but to accept this. ‘This is fine as long as this little girl doesn’t disturb other children.’

After a whole day, Little Estie hardly participated in any group activities.

Even after class, she just sat quietly in her seat.

The teacher looked anxious but did not know what to do.

When school was over in the evening, Melody came to pick up the little girl. She asked casually, “How did Estie do in school? Was she good?”

The teacher was flustered.

She could see that Estie must be experiencing emotional difficulties, but she did not dare to say it directly in front of the affluent madam, so she could only express it tactfully.

“Estie… seems to find it hard to adapt to the new environment. She’s very resistant toward other children.”

Hearing this, Melody patted the little girl’s head indifferently. ‘ Didn’t I tell you that you need to make more friends? How could you ignore the other children?”

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