My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 Freezing Point

Lucian took this opportunity, led Estie out of the villa, and hid in the corner.

In the villa, Mrs. Zora poured some water for Nox, thinking that the little boy was going back upstairs.

Unexpectedly, the little one bowed to her politely. “Thank you Grandma Zora, I shall go home now.”

Mrs. Zora frowned in confusion. “Where’s your brother?”

‘The two little boys came together, why would they go back one by one instead?*

Nox pursed his lips sheepishly. My brother went home first. We sneak out here behind Mommy’s back, then Mommy found out, so now my brother is getting an earful from Mommy.”

Mrs. Zora understood and nodded after what the little boy said. She was amused by the little boys’ funny antics.

‘Such big little kids can sneak away so far just to check on their dear friend.’

‘The Young Madam must be dying of anxiety.’

Thinking of this, Mrs. Zora suddenly remembered what happened last time, and hurriedly said, “I’ll have someone send you back.’

Nox quickly waved his hands. “No need…”

The little guy stammered and lied. “Mom…Mommy is already waiting at the door!”

Hearing this, Mrs. Zora did not think too much, and nodded to the boy. Be careful on the way home.”

The little guy obediently agreed, turned and left the villa.

As soon as he left the gate of the villa, he quickly ran to his brother and little sister.

Lucian waved. “Let’s go!”

The other two nodded and followed Lucian like obedient little chicks, trailing behind him.

Lucian and Nox were still a little cautious as they came out of the manor.

This time they also brought along their little sister; it would be bad if they met those older children again.

Fortunately, they walked all the way to the intersection without encountering that group of people again.

Mrs. Zora just remembered that she forgot to ask the two little boys to stay for lunch after her chores.

‘But, the little ones should be home by now.’

Mrs. Zora didn’t think much about it and went upstairs to call her Little Lady.

After she knocked on the door for a while, there was no movement inside.

“Little Lady, I’m coming in, okay?” Mrs. Zora was a little worried.

She carefully pushed open the door and saw that the room was empty, not even a single person.

Mrs. Zora’s heart sank to the bottom.


She searched around the room, but no one was found. Mrs. Zora hurriedly went downstairs, wanting to ask the bodyguards to look around.

However, a thought came to her.

‘Nox’s actions just now, now that I think about it, felt strange no matter what.’

‘Could the little lady have… gone with those two little ones?’

Mrs. Zora was startled at this possibility.

Early in the morning, the Young Master went to work overtime and left the Little Lady in her care.

‘It’s one matter if I was not able to give the utmost perfect care, but to let the little guy slip away under my nose…’

Mrs. Zora felt guilty and blamed herself, so she contacted Byron immediately.

On the other side, Byron was listening to Luther’s report in the office.

When he received Mrs. Zora’s call, he thought it was the little one throwing her usual tantrums.

“Master, Miss… she left with Lucian and Nox!”

Mrs. Zora’s voice was deeply apologetic.

Hearing this, Byron’s face suddenly sank.

Luther also clearly felt the temperature in the office drop to freezing point.

Seeing his master’s expression, Luther felt uneasy, unsure what happened to the Little Lady.

After a long while, he felt that the temperature in the office seemed to be rising again.

Byron replied solemnly. “I see, I’ll go over there to pick her up in a while.”

After speaking, he hung up the phone.

Luther was at a loss, unable to figure out what happened.

‘Why is the master’s mood swinging from good to bad…’

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