My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1056

Chapter 1056 Obvious

After Melody’s words, Rosalie could not help feeling aggrieved for Estie.

’Just because Estie is a child of the Lawrence family, she will be treated like this, and she can’t even make friends with whom she likes?”

Melody sneered. “If you meant the two children of yours, then of course she can’t.”

Lucian and Nox’s faces showed an imperceptible sense of disappointment.

‘So Grandma really hates US?’

‘Even the little sister is not allowed to be friends with US.’

Rosalie was also displeased. “Mrs. Lawrence, I don’t think there is any need to involve the children in the grievances between US.”

‘The two little boys had very little contact with Melody.’

‘Melody’s hostility towards them could only come from myself.’

Thinking of this, Rosalie looked at the little ones apologetically.

Although the boys do not know their true identity, they were hated by their grandma because of her.

For a moment, Rosalie even wanted to reveal the two little boy’s true identity to Melody, so that she would stop insulting the boy like this.

Melody did not bother to say anything to Rosalie, and once again set her sights on Estie.

“Estie, come here, let’s go back with grandma.”

The little guy was frightened by the dispute between the two, her eyes were flushed red, and she shook her head desperately when she heard Melody’s words.

‘I don’t want to; I want to play with the little brothers here!’

Seeing that the little girl deliberately disobeyed her, Melody became livid again.

When she came here this time, she originally wanted to apologize to Estie for getting angry with her last time.

Though now, this little one chose Rosalie over her.

Melody was furious, and approached with a sullen face, trying to push Rosalie away.

Rosalie vigilantly took the little girl and stepped back.

As Melody was about to make a move, a car horn blared suddenly outside the villa.

Rosalie subconsciously glanced in the direction of the sound.

Byron got out of the car with a tensed expression and walked towards her with big strides.

Just looking at the man from a distance, one can already feel the intimidating pressure around the man.

Rosalie’s heart sank suddenly.

‘If Byron wanted to take Estie away, I have no reason to stop him…’

Thinking of this, Rosalie weakly relaxed her guard.

Sensing something was not right, Melody stopped her movements vigilantly and turned around.

When she saw her son, she immediately gained confidence. “Byron, you’re just in time, you’re also here to pick up Estie, right?”

Rosalie lowered her eyes, not knowing how to face the person in front of her.

Byron frowned slightly but did not answer.

Melody said to herself, “These two children were too ignorant, not sure what they said to Estie, they took Estie out of the house. How can this continue? I say, once we get home, let Estie Live with me.’

Estie burst into tears when she heard that she was going to live with her grandma.

For a moment, everyone’s eyes fell on the little girl.

The little girl cried so hard that she could not open her eyes. No, I don’t want…l want auntie…”

If Estie wanted auntie, then it was obvious what, or who, she does not want.

Melody’s face was a little uncomfortable, but because of her son’s presence, she still suppressed her anger and spoke.

’Don’t cry, let’s go back and grandma will buy you presents. Whatever you want, I’ll get it for you.”

Estie held on to Rosalie’s leg and stopped talking. She just kept crying and shaking her head.

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