My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1057

Chapter 1057 Don’t Take Little Sister Away

Several times Rosalie wanted to speak up, but was held back by Melody’s words before, and now that Byron was present, she could only keep silent.

Lucian and Nox were filled with anxiety.

’Grandma Melody, don’t say anymore, little sister is crying terribly!” Nox felt that he was about to cry as well.

Lucian pursed his lips, walked quietly between his brother and little sister, and held their little hands.

Byron stood opposite the four of them expressionlessly, only half a step behind Melody.

He witnessed the two little boys defend Estie to the end, yet Rosalie did not say a word.

The man’s brows furrowed again.

’Even if you don’t want grandma, why don’t you go back with Daddy?” Melody thought she had made a concession.

Just as she finished speaking, she heard his son’s cold voice.

’You don’t interfere with this, I will take Estie back.”

Hearing this, Melody closed her mouth in displeasure, glanced coldly at Rosalie, who stood opposite her; then at her own son, and turned around to walk away.

She had something to say, but she did not want Rosalie to witness her weakness.

Byron understood his mother’s intentions very well, so he followed behind her.

“Do you know about those two little brats going to the manor?” Melody looked at her son suspiciously.

Byron replied frankly. “I was working overtime in the company, and I don’t know about this matter.”

Melody did not believe it at all. “Then why did you come here?”

After that, she suddenly remembered and asked unhappily, “Mrs. Zora told you I’m here?”

Byron did not answer but switched gears. “Estie’s personality is sensitive, and she’s not in a good condition recently, even a little stimulation may cause her past symptoms to recur.”

Melody was annoyed. “You mean that I stimulated her? I am her grandma; I only have her best interests at heart!”

‘That Jacobs woman abandoned little Estie so cruelly at the beginning, so what right does she have to accept the little girl’s dependence now?’

‘What’s more, sooner or later, Estie will be Wendy’s daughter, so why is she being so close to other women?

Byron felt a dull throbbing in his temple. “If you are really in her best interest, please go back now.”

Melody never expected that her son would not only refuse to help her, but drove her away.

“Did you forget how that woman treated Estie?! Estie doesn’t know, have you forgotten too?!”

Byron frowned and remained silent.

Melody could not be bothered to argue anymore. “I’ll go back now, and I’ll be back at the Manor first thing tomorrow. If Estie isn’t there, whatever you say would not mean a thing, I will personally take Estie back to the old mansion.”

After that, she glanced coldly at Rosalie in the distance, then turned and left.

Byron stood on the spot for a few seconds, calmed down, and then walked towards the entrance of the villa.

“President Lawrence.”

Rosalie greeted him distantly.

She did not know why Byron came here.

At first, she thought that Byron was here for Melody to take Estie away.

But she noticed Byron had said something to Melody just now, and the woman suddenly turned and left.

Rosalie suddenly lost her grip on the matter.

Byron just glanced at her indifferently, then set his sights on Little Estie.

Maybe it was because Melody left, the little girl’s cries gradually lessened, she just sobbed silently.

“Uncle, I’m sorry.” Lucian suddenly said.

Hearing this, Byron raised his eyebrows and looked at the little boy, probably knowing the reason for his apology.

Lucian’s next words were not what he expected.

“We shouldn’t have sneaked our little sister out secretly, but we really miss her. Can you not take her away so soon, please?”

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