My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1059

Chapter 1059 Let Estie stay

“Auntie Rosalie is very busy, don’t cause trouble for Auntie.”

Byron leaned over and grabbed Estie’s other hand.

The little girl has no strength left to cry. Byron just carried her into his arms, and she let go of Rosalie’s hand.

Rosalie subconsciously clenched her fingers, but as she thought of what Byron said just now, she let go in frustration.

Little Estie was quickly embraced by Byron.

With Estie in his arms, Byron patted the little girl on the back reassuringly, turned around and left.

Suddenly, a childlike voice spoke from behind.


Byron’s footsteps stopped suddenly.

Rosalie’s expression also changed, and she looked down at the little boy beside her.

Nox yelled out loud. He was not sure if he was anxious, or because he yelled too hard, his little face was flushed.

The little boy regretted it as soon as he did.

He was really anxious just now, and he did not know how to stop Daddy.

Although he did not dare to look up at his mommy, he could still feel her surprised gaze.

The little one panicked all of a sudden and looked to his brother for help.

Lucian frowned, feeling a little flustered in his heart, but calm on his face.

“Uncle Byron, you are little sister’s daddy, don’t you know what little sister wants? If a psychiatrist is really useful, then why didn’t she speak up before meeting us?”

Nox hurriedly echoed. “If we also have a Daddy, we will definitely not like it when he forces US to do things we don’t want!”

To some extent, the words of the little ones touched the hearts of the two adults.

Byron closed his eyes deeply to reflect.

Indeed, as Nox said, if the psychiatrist is really useful, it is impossible for Estie to keep silent all these years.’

However, Rosalie wished to break contact with him. How could Byron let the little girl continue to rely on her?

Rosalie was touched by Nox’s words and was a little apprehensive.

The boy’s interjection was abrupt.

For a moment, Rosalie even suspected that he already knew his identity.

However, the little boy’s next sentence put Rosalie in a pit of self-blame.

‘Of course, they have a Daddy, and he’s right in front of their eyes.’

‘It’s just that I’m selfish and didn’t tell them.’

Rosalie did not forget to take a look at Byron’s expression in the midst of her personal guilt trip, afraid that he would find out.

Unexpectedly, when she raised her head, she met the man’s furrowed eyebrows.

Not sure if it was her illusion, Rosalie seems to read a bit of resentment from his eyes…

“Even if you want…”

Rosalie could not help but speak again. Halfway through, she could not bear to look at Little Estie and skipped the middle of the sentence. “We can only take it slow with Estie’s condition. If President Lawrence needs my help, I can cooperate.”

She knew that the Lawrence family wanted Estie to stay away from herself and not rely too much on her.

In order for Estie to not be so uncomfortable in the future, Rosalie was willing to cooperate and gradually reduce the time spent with her.

Lucian and Nox did not know what Mommy and Daddy were talking about, but they felt uneasy.

On the other side, Little Estie was still crying, not knowing what her arrangements were.

Rosalie lowered her eyes and asked him without any expectation. “If possible, please let Estie stay today.”

Hearing this, Lucian and Nox’s eyes lightened slightly as they looked at Daddy eagerly.

There was no expression on Byron’s face.

After a while, he said, “I’ll hand her to you then, Miss Jacobs. If you find it troublesome, you can call me anytime, and I will take Estie home.”

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