My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1061

Chapter 1061 Feeling Uneasy

Estelle seemed anxious when Rosalie said that. She sobbed as she shook her head.

Rosalie wiped the little one’s tears away and said softly, “Even if it’s true, don’t cry.”

Lucian and Nox approached Estelle and wiped her tears away too.

When Mommy told them that she liked Estelle, the two little boys felt the same. “So do we. We like you, Estie, no matter what our relationship is.”

The little one gradually stopped crying, but she was still sad. “Estie can’t see Lucian and Nox if Estie transfers to another school.”

Nox promised in his cute voice, “We’ll still play with you even if you transfer to another kindergarten. Even if Mr. Byron forbids US to look for you, we’ll still come meet you secretly!”

Rosalie heard what the little ones were saying. However, deep down in her heart, she swore she would not let the little ones meet each other ever again.

However, Estelle seemed to feel better now, so she felt like this was not the right time to tell them. She remained silent.

The three of them talked to Estelle for a long time, and her mood gradually improved.

Nox kept telling Estelle about the fun stuff that had happened at the kindergarten over the past few days.

Rosalie was relieved upon seeing the smile on Estelle’s face as she listened to Nox.

“Lucian, play with Estie. Mommy needs Nox’s help with something.”

Nox had addressed Byron as Daddy, and Rosalie was concerned about that. She wanted to clarify the matter.

The little ones’ moods finally improved, and everyone was happy. They did not think much about what Rosalie said.

Nox thought Rosalie wanted him to crack some codes, so he followed her upstairs with interest.

When they got upstairs, Nox saw his Mommy walking toward their bedroom instead of the study. He began to feel guilty.

Watching the little guy as he entered the room, Rosalie turned around and closed the door.

“Mommy…” Nox hung his head guiltily.

Rosalie noticed Nox’s reaction and felt strange.

She knew the kids so well that she could see at a glance that Nox felt guilty.

Suddenly, she felt somewhat flustered.

“You called… Why did you suddenly call Mr. Byron Daddy?”

Rosalie was afraid she had misunderstood the little one, so she asked him to explain himself first.

Nox lowered his head and pondered it.

His brain worked best when cracking codes, not in situations like this.

Lucian always helped him in these situations, but he was not here now.

However, Mommy was smart and would suspect something if he hesitated to answer…

Thinking of this, the little boy could only answer stiffly, “I wasn’t calling Mr. Byron Daddy. I was trying to tell Estie her Daddy should make sure she stops crying.”

The little boy looked at his mother’s face and continued. “But I was so worried. When I opened my mouth, all that came out was the word, ‘Daddy’

Rosalie frowned and hesitated to believe it.

The little boys had indeed been shocked by the situation just now.

Nox’s answer made sense, but she still felt uneasy.


Seeing the doubt on his Mommy’s face, an idea popped into Nox’s mind. He decided to gain his Mommy’s sympathy.

‘The way Mr. Byron carries Estie makes me think about how Daddy would carry US around like that if he was around!”

Nox’s words made Rosalie feel sorry for her son.

She could only put aside her doubts and look at the little one with guilt.

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