My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1063

Chapter 1063 Forgive Each other Soon

Thinking that Estelle would leave the next day, the little ones played with her until late at night.

They only stopped playing when Rosalie went to the room to call them. Estelle then left the little ones’ room.

She was unsure of what the little ones had been talking about, so she felt it was better for Estelle to be in her room instead of theirs.


Rosalie was helping the little one take a bath when she heard Estelle calling her name cutely.

She froze and looked at her, puzzled.

Estelle looked at her eagerly. “Auntie, can you not be my Mommy?”

The little girl had asked this question before when she was crying, and Rosalie had already rejected it then.

Unexpectedly, the little girl was asking again now.

Rosalie was afraid Estelle might cry if she did not answer positively, so she remained silent for a long time.

Estelle seemed to know the answer, and her gaze lowered sadly.

“Daddy always makes Auntie angry. I know that Auntie doesn’t like Daddy. Estie is Daddy’s child, so Auntie isn’t willing to be Estie’s Mommy.”

Rosalie instinctively retorted. “Auntie didn’t mean it like that. It’s just that your Daddy is engaged to someone else, and he’ll marry that person in the future…”

Estelle’s eyes lit up in joy. “So Auntie likes Daddy too!”

When she heard this, Rosalie was startled for a moment and could not react.

The little one lived in a simple world.

Rosalie denied liking Byron, and the little girl thought that Rosalie liked Byron but was refusing her request because of Wendy.

To deny the little one any longer would be to admit that she did not like Byron and therefore did not like Estelle…

For a moment, Rosalie did not know how to explain things to the little girl.

Estie observed her face cautiously.

When she saw the dilemma illustrated on Rosalie’s face, a sly thought flashed across her mind as she recalled what they had planned.

Daddy and Auntie had gone through such a bad quarrel that the little ones had to find a way for the both of them to forgive each other soon.

Thus, Estelle said naively, “Since Daddy made Auntie angry, it’s Daddy’s fault. Estie will teach Daddy a lesson on Auntie’s behalf!”

Rosalie could not say anything. Estelle’s words made it seem like she already believed that Rosalie and Byron were a couple.


She interrupted the little girl helplessly. “It’s getting late. Hurry up, and finish your bath! Let’s sleep early.”

The little one seemed pleased. Maybe it was because she had managed to say what she wanted, or maybe it was because Rosalie did not deny it.

She merely nodded obediently and said nothing more.

Estelle’s words lingered in Rosalie’s mind, leaving her absent-minded as she wiped down the little girl’s body.

“Auntie, I want to listen to the Sleeping Beauty bedtime story!”

Estelle climbed up onto the bed obediently and looked at Rosalie with anticipation and sparkles in her eyes.

Sleeping Beauty…

Rosalie could not help but think about the stage show and feel more troubled.

However, she did not have the heart to reject the request when she saw the little one’s eager expression. She started telling her the story in a gentle tone.

As the story progressed, scenes from the stage play flashed in her mind.

By the time she reached the kissing scene, Rosalie could no longer go on.

Fortunately, the little one was already asleep.

Rosalie was relieved. As she paused at the kissing scene, she stopped and lay beside the little one with complicated feelings.

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