My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1066

Chapter 1066 Why Would Auntie’s Business Partner Give Her Flowers?

After breakfast, Rosalie was afraid the little ones would say more, so she asked them to play outside.

Xander was still in the living room. Rosalie went to the living room and sat by him after tidying up the dining area.

‘The birth mother of President Lawrence’s daughter has always been mysterious.”

Xander spoke as soon as Rosalie sat down.

Rosalie was startled and had no idea why he said that.

He looked at her face and added, if it weren’t for the fact that you already have two kids, I would have doubted President Lawrence’s daughter was yours.”

Rosalie instinctively denied it. “Young Master Xander, please don’t assume things that aren’t true.”

Xander smiled. “You two look a little similar. Or maybe it’s just that pretty girls look alike, and I’m overthinking.”

His words were both suggestive and ambiguous.

Rosalie’s forehead puckered slightly, and she changed the topic. “By the way, how did the free clinic go yesterday?”

Xander sensed her panic and looked at her meaningfully.

Rosalie felt a little uneasy being looked at like that.

Fortunately, Xander did not continue the previous topic and answered Rosalie’s question.

At the villa’s door, the three little ones were not in the mood to play.

Estelle frowned and looked at Lucian and Nox. “Does Uncle Xander have a close relationship with Auntie?”

The two boys looked at each other, and did not know how to answer for a moment.

Uncle Xander was their Daddy’s potential love rival, but they had to keep that to themselves for now.

Estelle’s mood was unstable, and learning about Xander’s relationship with their Mommy might make her cry again.

With that in mind, Lucian explained to the little girl. “Mommy said that they’re just business partners. Work is busy, so they work together a lot.”

Estelle pursed her lips and stared at the villa’s door. She did not buy Lucian’s explanation.

Why would a business partner bring flowers for Auntie?

Daddy had so many business partners, but he never bought any of them flowers.

She wondered what Rosalie and Xander were chatting about in the house and why she had to ask them to play outside.

The more the little one thought about it, the more anxious she became.

Lucian and Nox’s hearts sank when they noticed Estelle was in a bad mood again.

The three little ones stared at the villa door, feeling wronged. They wanted to get to Rosalie and supervise her and Xander’s conversation.

After a long time, Lucian and Nox made up their minds and said, “Why don’t we go in?”

Then, Lucian turned around to call Estelle. However, he could not see her anywhere.


The two little ones were shocked and looked around the yard.

Meanwhile, Estelle squatted by Xander’s car, doing something. 1

Estelle had just finished what she was doing when she heard Lucian and Nox calling her name. She hid her tool and hid behind Xander’s car.

Step by step, Lucian approached Xander’s car.

Suddenly, a small figure ran out from behind the car.

“Estie! Why are you here?”

Lucian’s eyes brightened with joy.

Estelle lowered her head guiltily and spoke with her cute voice. Ì-I wanted to play hide and seek.”

Lucian felt Estelle looked strange, but he did not think much about it. “Hide and seek? We can play with you, but you have to let US know what you want to do before you hide next time, okay?”

The little girl nodded obediently.

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