My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1067

Chapter 1067 Not Accepting Daddy’s Flowers

“Let’s go inside and listen to what Mommy is talking to Uncle Xander about.”

After finding Estelle, Lucian called Nox.

The little ones, of course, all readily agreed.

The three of them cautiously opened the door.

When they entered the house, they saw Rosalie sitting on a single sofa and talking to Xander. They both had smiles on their faces.

The little ones were alarmed at the bright smile on their Mommy’s face.

Estelle reacted unexpectedly and approached Rosalie.


Only then did Rosalie notice that the little ones had come back.

Xander observed Rosalie and Estelle. Then, he pretended to say it out unintentionally, “You two look even more alike when I look closer.” 1

For some reason, Rosalie was flustered.

Estelle looked up at her innocently. “Auntie, what’s alike?”

Rosalie stroked the little girl’s hair, feeling guilty as she looked at Xander.” Nothing. Uncle Xander was just joking.”

Then, she got up and tried to hint at Xander to leave. “Do you have anything else you want to tell me, Young Master Xander?”

Xander had been in the business field for a long time and understood Rosalie’s intentions. He casually glanced at the little ones.

“It’s just about noon. I’ve known the children for so long, but I haven’t had a chance to invite them to have a meal with me yet. Why don’t we have lunch together today?”

Then, Xander glanced at Estelle meaningfully. “President Lawrence’s daughter happens to be here too. You can see this as me buying President

Lawrence dinner.”

Rosalie felt uncomfortable because she felt like Xander’s invitation contained ulterior motives.

Moreover, his excuse for wanting to treat the children to lunch was strange.

Rosalie decided to reject Xander’s offer on behalf of the kids.

Unexpectedly, before she could refuse, Estelle spoke up in her cute voice.

‘Thank you, Uncle Xander, but Estie prefers eating Auntie’s homemade food!”

Lucian and Nox also nodded in agreement.

The little ones rejected him decisively, making Xander lift his eyebrows with interest.

Rosalie was also dumbfounded for a few seconds. Only then did she snap out of her daze and smile apologetically at Xander.

“I’m sorry, but we can’t have lunch with you. President Lawrence is coming to pick up Estelle in a while. Maybe we can have lunch together another time.”

Xander nodded and excused himself. “Alright, then.”

Rosalie and the little ones sent him off.

Watching Xander’s car drive away, the little ones looked at Rosalie and ran back to the living room.

The little ones’ faces crumpled when they saw the bouquet lying on the sofa.

Rosalie was puzzled by the little ones’ behavior.

When she looked at the bouquet, she felt guilty again.

The three little ones’ intentions were obvious.

They wanted her to be with Byron.

Rosalie knew she did not have feelings for Xander like the kids thought she did.

However, she and Byron could not get back together.

Despite that, she still felt guilty facing the little ones.

“Auntie..” Estelle lowered her gaze disappointedly and tugged Rosalie’s dress cautiously.

Rosalie crouched and looked into the little one’s eyes. “What’s wrong?”

“Did you decide to date Uncle Xander? Is that why you refuse to be my Mommy?”

Estelle’s cute voice sounded grievous.

Rosalie was startled. “Auntie had no intention of dating Uncle Xander. We are just friends.”

The little girl pursed her lips and did not believe her. “You took Uncle Xander’s flowers instead of Daddy’s.”

She remembered that the last time she went to a concert, her Daddy gave Rosalie roses, but Rosalie almost gave them back to him.

Rosalie did not know how to answer the little girl’s question.

The little ones had come back so suddenly. She had been talking to Xander about work and completely forgot about the flowers.

She might have forgotten all about it if the little ones did not mention it.

Estelle did not get an answer from Rosalie. She tilted her head thoughtfully. “Do you like baby’s breath more than roses, Auntie?”

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