My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1789

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1789-The dolphin calfs performance had begun.

The audiences were tolerant of the calf’s performance because it was still young. It did not need to do any difficult stuns.

Today, though, the calf was cheerful and excited to try everything because of the three little ones.

The three kids and the fat kid stood in a row and began cooperating with the calf’s first performance.

“Boys and girls, stand still! The calf will glide by you quickly.” The keeper began to instruct the dolphin. The calf understood what the keeper ordered and swam far away.

It was giving itself space to swim so it could rush ahead and finally glide across the surface of the water.

“Come on, baby dolphin!” Estelle waved her hands at the little dolphin.

Lucian and Nox stood at Estelle’s sides, protecting her in the middle. Lucian, who was third in the row, glanced at the fat kid.

“What are you looking at, brat?!” The fat boy looked scornful.

As the keeper showed a sign, the calf let out a cry of excitement and sprinted through the water at breakneck speed.


It was swift. Within seconds, it had broken through the water and was heading for the line of children.

After passing by Nox, the calf was extremely agile, turning quickly and crossing by Estelle on the left.

Then, it quickly adjusted its body and went around the right side.

Its speed was really fast. The audience did not expect much from the calf, so a burst of thunderous applause immediately broke out.

Finally, the calf adjusted its body quickly, ready to pass through the fat child’s left side.

However, the fat child had something else in mind. With a malicious gaze, the fat child moved to his left.

He stood there, waiting for the calf.

Everyone was shocked by this scene.

That action would make the calf run into the fat boy.

If it were any other kid, maybe they would be worried about something happening. However, the fat kid weighed about 40kg, nearly the weight of an adult.

If the calf was only about 20kg and bumped into the fat boy, the calf would be the one getting injured.

Almost at the last moment, Lucian turned quickly and pounced on the fat child.

Estelle was frightened and closed her eyes, afraid to see what might happen.

The dolphin’s parents were agitated and dashed out of the water. They wanted to rescue their calf.

“Lucian!” Rosalie sensed Lucian’s intention and was afraid.

Byron reacted quickly and jumped over the fence.

Lucian’s body bumped into the fat kid’s in a split second.

The body of the little dolphin glided by.

Luckily, it did not bump into the fat boy.

The fat boy stumbled and fell.

The calfs parents rushed ashore and jumped out of the water. They headed to the fat boy, wanting to knock him.

Byron was fast enough and grabbed Lucian before he could fall. He held Lucian in his arms as he squatted.

The keeper quickly snapped out of her shocked state and shouted at the dolphin’s parents, afraid that they would hurt the fat child.

Everything happened so fast.

The audience stared for several seconds in silence.

Rosalie heaved a sigh of relief upon seeing that Lucian was fine.

She was so nervous that she almost forgot to breathe.

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