My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1790

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1790-“Lucian!” Estelle ran over to Byron quickly.

Byron hugged her because he feared the calf’s parents might attack anyone they saw out of rage.

Nox also reacted quickly. He stood beside Byron with Estelle before him as he asked, “Lucian, are you injured?”

Lucian shook his head, indicating he was fine. However, his gaze never left that fat boy.

The keeper’s loud scolding worked.

The dolphin’s mother and father stopped just in the nick of time.

They did not knock into the fat kid.

Otherwise, the fat boy would be seriously injured today! Breaking a few bones would have been inevitable.

The fat boy wanted to scold Lucian, but the big dolphins were in front of him, making him freeze in fear.

“Daddy, Daddy…” he cried out in fear.

At this point, the keeper rushed out to calm the dolphin’s parents. She stood before them, stopping them from punishing the fat boy.

The little dolphin calf did not understand the situation. However, it was obedient and quickly hid behind its parents.novel.xo

The fat man was anxious from seeing his son almost getting injured. However, he was not agile enough to get to the stage quickly.

He could only run down the stage and approach the stage but could not climb over the fence.

“What’s the matter? Why would the dolphins want to hurt my child?” The fat man just stood at the edge and shouted at the keeper.

Then, he looked at Lucian in Byron’s arms and shouted,” How dare you knock my son over just now?! Do you want to die?”

Byron stood up and protected the three children behind him.

At this moment, his anger was obvious.

Rosalie’s expression turned gloomy. She stood up and walked to the edge of the stage.

“Hey, fatty, what are you talking about? Your son almost killed the baby dolphin! It was your son who broke the rules.”

‘That handsome kid was just trying to protect the baby dolphin. Everyone was watching! Your son has no manners at all.”

“Like father, like son. Don’t make a fool of yourself here, will you?”

The audience members, who were not blind, roared with anger at the fat man’s aggressiveness.

The fat man and his son were embarrassed to be criticized by so many people.

Byron approached the fat man and slapped him.

‘Who do you think you are? How dare you shout at my children?”

Rosalie held the kids and stood behind Byron. Byron gave her a sense of security at times like this.

The fat man was slapped so hard that his face appeared red and swollen.

However, he could not retort when his eyes met Byron’s cold and oppressive gaze.

He even shuddered, feeling that the man in front of him could put an end to his life at any time.

His son, however, was not as sensitive. He shouted at

Byron, “How dare you hit my father?! I’m calling the police.”

The fat man quickly grabbed his son to prevent him from causing more trouble.

With so many people watching, Rosalie was worried Byron would not be able to restrain himself for a moment and continue to attack the fat man. That would undoubtedly cause a lot of trouble.

Thus, she took a few quick steps and reached for Byron’s right hand. She whispered, “It’s inappropriate to continue hitting him!”

Byron turned around, softened his gaze, and nodded. “I understand!”

Then, he looked at the three children with concern. “Are you injured?”

The three little ones shook their heads. “Daddy, we’re alright!”

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