My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1792

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1792-The warm interaction between Estie and Splash got the two brothers to come over.

Lucian and Nox approached too, but Splash did not reject them at all. Instead, it moved closer to let the two little ones stroke its head too.

Byron and Rosalie saw this, looked at each other, and smiled.

The keeper had no worries either and began to direct the two adult dolphins back to the pool and regroup with the other dolphins.

The fat father and son were ignored by everyone. He took his son’s hand and left with a look of regret and boredom.

However, the fat boy’s eyes were fixed on Splash. His gaze was full of hostility.

“Dad, that’s just a beast. I don’t understand why people like it so much?” the fat boy asked angrily.novel.xo

The fat man nodded. The apple did not fall far from the tree.

He led his son to walk up the steps and back to the auditorium.

Suddenly, the fat boy let go of his hand and quickly ran toward Estie.

When he got behind Estie, he stretched out his hand and pushed hard.

Estie was caught off guard, and the heavy thrust pushed her directly into the pool.

Beside Estie, Lucian and Nox were stunned for half a second before shouting angrily.

“Bastard, you bastard!”

The two of them came at the fat boy regardless of their size difference and threw the fat boy to the ground.

Byron and Rosalie never expected this to happen.


It was Rosalie’s panicked call.

Almost the second after Estie fell into the water, Rosalie immediately jumped into the pool.

Byron came to his senses as he watched his beloved wife and daughter fall into the water. Without a second thought, he quickly followed suit.

This happened even more suddenly than the little dolphin incident just now.

Suddenly, exclamations erupted from the auditorium. Many people stood up involuntarily.

“Hurry up! Hurry up and save them! The pool is very deep. That little girl is in danger!”

“Keeper, hurry up and save them—”

“Oh my God, that terrible child is so vicious. How dare he push someone into the water?!”

Many people could not stand it any longer. They quickly left their seats and rushed to the edge of the pool.

In the pool, Estie suddenly choked as she took two gulps of water.

Immediately afterward, she felt Mommy holding her little body.

Rosalie could not swim because she was holding the child with both hands. She only had one thought in her mind— Estie could not get hurt!

Therefore, she did not care about herself at all. She kept sinking, but her hands were raised high. She intended to lift Estie out of the water.

In an instant, Estie breathed fresh air and coughed heavily.

Rosalie’s body continued to sink. She felt that the air in her lungs was being consumed rapidly, and there was a burning and tearing sensation.

As she slowly lost consciousness, a man’s figure suddenly appeared beside her.

The man moved quickly, held her, and kept pulling her toward the surface of the water.

Finally, the keeper jumped into the water and took Estie from Rosalie.

“Give her to me, Ma’am. Well get the girl to safety right away.

The voice came from above the water. Rosalie could not hear it clearly, but she felt a sudden relief when Estie was taken out of her hands.

At this moment, Byron was still pulling her up. Her hands were free, so she was finally able to swim vigorously.

Perhaps three to four seconds later, Rosalie finally swam to the surface of the water and breathed heavily.

Then, her face was anxious, and her eyes immediately turned to the ground.

When she saw that Estie had been taken to safety and many helpful audience members were helping to pull her ashore, she finally felt a little more at ease.

At this time, she felt a wave of water behind her. She turned and looked around in a panic.

“Where’s Byron? Where is he?” Her heart was troubled for a while.

Just then, Byron’s handsome face suddenly appeared in front of her eyes.

Byron stretched out his hand and held the woman. He was afraid that the woman would lose her strength and sink again.

At the same time, his eyes quickly looked outward.

The tension in his heart slowly dissipated when he saw that Estie had been rescued.

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