My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1796

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1796-It did not take long before the fat boy felt his whole body itch. He fell to the ground all of a sudden and rolled around.

“Dad, what is this? I feel itchy all over my body. This is bad! It feels like ten thousand ants are biting me! Dad, help me!”

The fat boy called out in horror, but Carl did not dare to say a word at all. He could only kneel on the ground and beg for mercy.

“Brothers, fellow good men! I’ve been ignorant. I’ve offended people who shouldn’t be offended! We both deserve to die, but please let us go. I can give you 20,000 dollars. Perhaps you could accept the money…”

The leader snorted coldly, raised his foot, and kicked Carl.” Do you think we’re beggars? How could 20,000 dollars be enough? Fine, no need to beg for mercy anymore. There’s a pit prepared for both of you today!”

‘A pit?’ Carl was so frightened that his whole body went limp.

Carl ignored his son when the latter was rolling around in front of him, screaming and kicking up a cloud of dust. Carl was desperate to the extreme.

Pit? Were they going to bury them?novel.xo

He completely understood just who he had offended this time!

The leader ordered his men to take Carl and his son toward the deep hole they had dug in advance.

The so-called bottomless pit was only two meters deep, and the ladder used when digging it was still there.

“Are you going down the ladder by yourself, or shall we just push you down?” the leader asked Carl coldly.

At this time, Carl’s face was as numb as a walking corpse. He was so frightened that his insides had turned into goo. In the end, he took his son down the ladder.

He thought that they would be buried alive by these people.

Unexpectedly, the leader snorted coldly from the top and said, “Enjoy your stay. A woodcutter will pass by tomorrow night, and that’s your chance to leave this pit! Remember today’s lesson!”

Carl’s face was filled with puzzlement.

‘This isn’t an assassination!’

He could survive this catastrophe. There was hope after despair. All this made Carl fall to the ground completely.

He was terrified.

Beside him, his son was still screaming and crying while rolling around. “Dad, I feel terrible! Dad, help me! Why is my body so itchy? No matter how much I scratch, the itchiness doesn’t go away!”

“It’ll be over once your son has itched for three days and three nights! He should try not to tear his skin from all that scratching!” The leader sneered, waved his hand, and went away with his lackeys.

At the hotel, Byron received a call from Luther.

“Master, the matter is settled. Lessons were sufficiently given!” Luther had entrusted the matter to many intermediaries, but he believed that they would handle it well.

Byron nodded. “Okay. Pick up the kids from the hotel and send them home.”

Luther suddenly asked, “The powder that Linda gave me, was that your order too, Master?”

“What powder?” Byron muttered in puzzlement. When Rosalie, who was next to him, heard it, she smiled in admission.

“I told Linda to give it to Luther!”

“Oh, that’s fine. You can do as you wish,” Byron responded to Luther and immediately hung up the phone.

He knew that Rosalie was truly infuriated this time. The powder she gave must not be anything pleasant, and it was specifically meant for that fat kid.

Not long after, Byron received a video.

In the video, Carl and his son’s tragic fate was recorded. The screams of the fat kid finally made Rosalie feel much happier.

Estie’s life was almost in danger this time. This little punishment was nothing!

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