My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1799

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1799-Byron frowned and cast a cold glance at his mother.

“Mom, that was an accident. What are you talking about?” “Yes, yes, it was an accident. However, you were neglectful enough to let your children go on stage to perform with animals. That’s so dangerous. In my honest opinion, Rosalie isn’t careful enough when taking care of the children.”

Byron became angry when his mother was adamant about blaming the woman for everything.

“Mom, did you come to visit me? Or did you come as an executioner to cast judgment over what happened? If you continue to behave like this, it’s best if you don’t come here at all!”

Melody was silenced immediately.novel.xo

She did not expect her son to be so harsh to her.

She was stunned for a few seconds. She wanted to get angry but held back. “Okay, I won’t talk about it. However, I’ve been thinking about the two boys for the past two days. Can I raise my concerns? Can Rosalie come up with evidence?”

Melody put on a calm tone.

Byron had no way to escape this. Even if everyone in the immediate family accepted the boys, the extended branch of the Lawrence family would not be able to believe the claims.

He nodded and agreed after some consideration. “Okay, let’s do a thorough paternity test to convince everyone.”

Melody’s wish was fulfilled, and a slight smile appeared on the corners of her mouth.

She truly did not believe the claims and decided that it was all Rosalie’s trickery.

Byron gave the excuse that he was still exhausted and needed rest to finally persuade his mother to leave.

He put some distance between himself and the kids when they woke up. He explained to them about his illness and reminded them not to get too close.

“Mommy didn’t sleep last night to take care of me. She’s sleeping now, so you must keep the volume down and don’t make a lot of noise. Lucian, you have to take good care of your younger brother and sister.”

The three little kids were very sensible and all nodded in agreement.

“Daddy, it must be hard on you since you’re sick. You should get some rest so that you can recover quickly,” Estie told Daddy.

“Yes, call us if you need anything, Daddy. We can take care of Daddy too.”

Lucian and Nox both made promises to Byron.

Byron did feel weak anymore. During the days when Rosalie was poisoned, he was indeed busy and did not have enough rest.

He gave reminders to the housekeeper and servants again before returning to the room in peace.

Rosalie was fast asleep, curled up in a laid-back and adorable sleeping position. Byron covered her with a blanket and lay down slowly himself.

When Byron opened his eyes, he saw the woman measuring his temperature. Her face was a little haggard.

“Why did you wake up? You just slept for a short while. Why don’t you sleep a little longer?” Byron asked.

Rosalie focused on the thermometer. She calmed down once she was sure that it had returned to the normal range. Then, she got Byron to take the medicine again.

‘There were some minor accidents at the research institute today. Some impurities got mixed up in the medicine for rheumatism. Strangely enough, the efficacy of the medicine increased, so old Mr. Loewe contacted me immediately. He can’t figure out what kind of substance is responsible for it. I’m using the reverse method to check now. If I can find out the key to the steps, maybe I can switch to a new development method in the future,” Rosalie said with a smile.

She claimed that she could rest assured about the research institute, yet she was still worried about it.

After all, every successfully developed drug meant that more patients would not have to suffer.

Byron nodded in response. Then, he remembered agreeing to his mother’s request and spoke to Rosalie for her consent.

“My mother still refuses to believe the truth. So…”

Before he could finish, Rosalie answered without hesitation, “We need a paternity test, right? It’s okay, let’s do it!”

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