My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1800

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1800-Byron listened to the woman’s blunt tone and hesitated a little.

He was worried it would upset her. He explained, “I don’t think it’s necessary at all, but my mother is too paranoid. If you take offense to it, you don’t have to do it.”

His expression resembled a child who feared making mistakes. Rosalie felt secretly amused, and a smile appeared on her lips.

“It’s okay. We just need to provide some hair or other samples for the test. It won’t harm the kids, so why should I object? If I object, won’t it give the impression that I’m guilty? n

This was not the time to prioritize her ego.

Lucian and Nox’s return to the Lawrence family did not revolve around just a simple reconciliation with their father. It meant that they have the right to the Lawrence family inheritance.

Rosalie had to fight for the kids’ rights even though money was never her priority.novel.xo

The Lawrence empire was huge. Therefore, a paternity test would be the most direct proof to silence the public.

After they agreed, Rosalie went downstairs to look for Lucian and Nox. The boys’ hair happened to have grown

longer too. She asked the housekeeper to hire a barber to the villa and give the boys a haircut. At the same time, she could collect some hair samples for the test.

Soon, Rosalie obtained hair samples from both Lucian and Nox. She had them separately placed and labeled in transparent jars.

The boys looked refreshed after their haircut, which made Estie want to cut her hair too. She begged for the same haircut as her brothers.

The barber had the added duty of dissuading the little girl’s wild intentions.

Rosalie handed over the jars to Byron while the man carefully observed her reaction. Indeed, she was not angry at all.

He immediately plucked a few strands of hair from his head and put them in another jar.

“Oh, I’m getting old. My hair falls off as soon as I pull it. Do you think I’ll be bald in the future? Will I get a bald spot on the top of my head?” Byron was really worried.

Rosalie was amused. She stretched out her hand to run her fingers through his hair.

Finally, she reassured him. “It shouldn’t be a problem. This is just normal hair fall, and it’ll grow back normally. If you’re worried, give me two strands and I’ll test them in the lab. I’ll check to see if you’re lacking any nutrition.”

Byron knew she was not joking from her serious face. He nodded, plucked out two more, and handed them to her.

Rosalie carefully wrapped them in a tissue, keeping them so that she could run the test in the lab another day.

Luther took Byron’s and the two little boys’ hair samples, quickly sending them to the Lawrence family’s mansion.

Melody did not expect her son to agree so easily and even expedite the process.

She contacted a medical testing company acquired by Lawrence Corporation and ordered a paternity test with the hair samples.

Benedict remained silent. He smoked two or three cigarettes on the side.

“Why are you so eager? Even if you hadn’t asked for it, our son would’ve done it for sure. Right now, you’re just making our son upset for nothing!”

Benedict reminded Melody, but she would not stand for it.

“A paternity test is an impending matter anyway, so what if I take on the role of an evil mother-in-law? Rosalie doesn’t think of me as an elder at all. She has already moved in to live with our son, but she hasn’t come to visit us even once. She disregards our existence!” Melody responded angrily.

“She’s only been there for a few days, so things might still be uncertain. We, the Lawrence family, are the ones who wronged her first,” Benedict said with a sigh.

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