My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1801

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1801-The Quirke family living room.

When Andrius saw his younger sister drunk and reeked of alcohol, he immediately frowned and coldly reprimanded her.

“Andrea, what are you doing? I have entrusted you to take care of all the medicinal material supply companies of the Lancers like you wanted.

Somehow, I heard that you haven’t even stepped into these companies until now? You’ve been drunk and daydreaming every day; I’ve really misjudged you!”

There was a solid ironclad indignation in his tone.

Andrea raised her eyebrows, but her intoxicated face had a sly smile. “Did I not manage it? Isn’t this the way to manage it? Who do you think I was drinking with? You can shut up if you don’t know, okay?”

She did not intend to behave like her brother, always putting on a righteous face and only talking about principles.

“Do you think that the people in these medical companies are easy to talk to? You have no idea how high the price that b*stard Xander paid them. That idiot had to do ridiculous things like exaggerating the medicine’s efficacy and raising the price of the medicine. I drink just to save costs, so these companies would be happy to make money for me.”

Andrea was initially happy about the arrangement and planned to take over these medicinal material companies. She thought it would be a done deal, an efficient cash cow. The truth is it was all a big mess.

She went for an inspection. The person in charge of every company refused to listen to her at all. Some even planned to start a new one.

In the end, she consulted Alistair. The man gave her solid advice and dealt with this group of people ruthlessly, or else, she would not be able to find a breakthrough at all.

Fortunately, her successive drinking session was about to reap rewards. She had almost completed the integration of these companies.

“Do you have to be accompanying these people in such indecent settings? Don’t forget your identity. You represent the Quirke family!”

After some consideration, Andrius still felt that this method was not ideal.

“Yeah yeah, I represent the Quirke family! I really have nothing to say to you. Whatever, let’s not interfere with each other!” Andrea glared and staggered back to the room.

After simply shutting the door, she picked up her phone and called the man.

“I’m home, I have a bad headache. I kind of miss you!” Andrea simply told the truth by taking advantage of her drunkenness.

On the other side of the phone, Alistair chuckled softly. “I miss you too, you’ve done a really good job recently. You solved the matter without spending much money. You’re indeed the woman I’ve set my eyes on.”

Andrea’s face was filled with joy from the man’s praise. She had completely forgotten her drunken discomfort.

“Rest early. Our plan will be realized soon!” Alistair said again.

Andrea fully believed that this man was much stronger than her elder brother. He was comparable to Byron Lawrence.

Her heart felt drenched in honey as she fantasized about the possibility of being with Alistair in the future.

“You should rest early too. If you are free tomorrow, I want to see you. Can I?” “Sure, see you tomorrow. Good night!”

Alistair hung up the phone decisively.

Andrea liked his personality and how straightforward he was. With a smile on her lips, she quickly lay down and fell asleep.

In Hillcrest Villa, Alistair put away his phone and looked at the man with blond hair and emerald eyes.

“Mr. Paulo, I have offered all that I can give. This is better than what Byron could offer. To be honest, your reaction these days has already aroused Byron’s suspicion. Therefore, now is the best time for us to start our partnership. You have to consider this carefully!”

Mr. Paulo is an important customer of Lawrence Corporation in the European market.

He was also the person who has caused Byron a lot of trouble recently.

Paulo smiled and spoke in half-baked English, “Yes, Mr. Murray. Your offer is indeed good. I have no problem, but…it depends on your arrangement tonight!”

Alistair realized instantly that this man was notoriously sleazy.

“OK, it’s done. It’s on the way to the hotel. Mr. Paulo, have a pleasant evening tonight!”

Alistair got up and ordered the driver to take Mr. Paulo back to the hotel.

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