My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1803

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1803-The paternity test results would normally take about three days.

However, Earnest made the employees work overtime, and it was finished early the next morning.

“It is a genetic match. The probability of parentage is greater than 99.99 percent.”

Earnest thought about it after getting the results.

‘Does Madam want a positive or negative result?

‘Probably negative, otherwise, there is no need to see me in private. I could have just issued the normal results accordingly.’

Earnest thought about it and quickly called Melody.

At this moment, Melody had just woken up. She became nervous when she saw Earnest calling.

“Good morning, madam. I’m Earnest Higgins. The test result is out.” “Tell me quick, what’s the result? Are those two kids my son’s flesh and blood?” Melody was a little impatient.

Earnest paused for a while and read through the description printed on the paternity certificate once more.

Finally, he concluded. “This result confirms the parent-child relationship!

The two children are indeed President Lawrence’s children.”

Melody was stunned for a long time. She refused to believe it.

“No, how is this possible? Did you make a mistake in the test? Is there a chance of being negative?” Melody recovered and asked eagerly.

“Madam, our instruments are very advanced. The level of our staff is also top-notch in the country. Therefore, there is almost no possibility of mistakes.”

Earnest’s answer immediately shattered the last shred of hope in Melody’s heart.

She hung up the phone in a hurry, ignoring that Earnest was still waiting for her further instructions.

‘What went wrong? Are those two kids really descendants of our family?’

She was stunned. She recalled all the way she had humiliated and ridiculed those two boys.

She shuddered all over.

“What…What should I do?”

She muttered to herself, feeling extremely complicated.

Then, she thought of Rosalie. ‘That woman must’ve hated me so much!

‘No, absolutely not. Even if they were my grandsons, it’s not the time to accept them now, Byron will never forgive me!’

After a long time, Melody called Earnest again.

“Listen, you keep this result and issue another copy to me, understand? I will give you 10 million dollars! This is between you and me, do not tell a single soul,” Melody immediately ordered Earnest. She believed that he would not defy her.

The amount of money shook Earnest’s will. He nodded in response. “No problem. I’ll do as you say, Madam.”

In the afternoon, in the lobby of the villa. Byron woke up to see Rosalie come out of the kitchen and brought out the meal she had just made.

“I guessed that you would wake up at this time, so I took the time to cook you a meal. I don’t care whether you have an appetite or not, you must eat,” Rosalie said forcefully.

Byron nodded with a smile, “Why would I lose my appetite for my wife’s home-cooked food? I’ll finish them all.”

Rosalie set the food down and touched the man’s forehead to make sure there was nothing wrong.

She carefully looked at his face again. “Open your mouth, let me see your tongue.”

Byron obeyed her and opened his mouth to let her check the coating on his tongue.

“You’ve recovered so quickly, are you feeling okay?” Rosalie’s eyes were full of concern.

Byron nodded, confirming that he had almost recovered completely. Then, he began to eat.

Halfway through the meal, his mother called.

“Byron, the testing agency just notified me that they will come to the house this afternoon to issue the paternity report to me. You should come over and see the results for yourself too. By the way, come together with Rosalie. She’s there with you, right?”

Melody pretended to sound normal for fear that Byron would hear something amiss.

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