My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1804

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1804-After dinner, Byron went to his parents’ mansion with Rosalie.

Six years ago, Rosalie was here. At that time, as the granddaughter-in-law of the Lawrence family, Rosalie came to pay respect to Grandpa.

There were lush flowers and plants as they entered the yard. Benedict was casually watering the garden.

He greeted the couple with a smile upon seeing Byron appear with Rosalie.

“Hello, Uncle Benedict,” Rosalie called out affectionately. After all, the grandfather’s attitude towards his two grandsons always made her feel at ease.

“Dad, I’m here to wait for the results of the paternity test.” Byron reached out, offering to help water the flowers, but Benedict waved him away.

He smiled knowingly as he looked at his son. “Your mother has been waiting so hard for this result. It seems that it is in line with her wishes.”

There was something in these words, even Rosalie could hear it.

Of course, Byron understood his father’s reminder and acknowledged him.” I will take care of it.”

Melody sat upright and called out to her son with a smile, but she did not even look at Rosalie when the couple entered the hall.

“Have a seat, the person in charge of the testing agency will be here soon,” Melody said, sneaking a glance at Rosalie’s reaction.

Rosalie seemed calm, apparently not expecting much from the result.

Only mothers know whom they had their children with.

She had this absolute self-confidence.

However, Melody wanted to see the wonderful expression Rosalie would have when she learned that the two boys were not Byron’s sons!

She started to brew Byron’s favorite black tea. She gave Byron a cup, but not Rosalie.

“Miss Jacobs, you sit too far away. Just help yourself!”

Rosalie nodded and responded. “Oh, it’s okay. I’m not used to drinking tea at this hour.”

Byron shot his mother a look and handed the tea to Rosalie.

This inevitably darkened Melody’s face.

Her repressed anger silently simmered beneath.

Fortunately, Earnest arrived soon. He held the test report in his hand and entered the door respectfully.

“Hello, President Lawrence and Madam Lawrence. This is… Miracle Doctor Jacobs?”

Earnest suddenly became excited. His ambition was to become a doctor to save lives and heal the wounded. In the end, things turned out differently and he joined the biological detection industry instead.

He had heard and read many stories about Byron and Rosalie online.

However, he was still starstruck to see Rosalie in the flesh now.

Melody noticed that Earnest’s reaction seemed off and she immediately scoffed. “Has the result come out? Show Byron first!”

Earnest quickly calmed down, used both hands, and handed the report to Byron.

There are many pages in the report, and the front is full of various genetic data. Byron did not read it carefully and just turned to the last page.

[Violation of genetic laws (excluding mutation factors)!]

The paternity result was a clear negative.

Byron was stunned for a moment. His eyes darkened instantly as he looked at Earnest. “Are you sure you didn’t take the wrong report? Or did you take the wrong samples?”

Earnest was so frightened that his heart shook, he instantly felt the powerful pressure emanating from Byron, and his expression changed.

He hurriedly lowered his head slightly, his eyes secretly glancing toward Melody.

However, Byron caught his little reaction.

At this time, Melody’s focus was on Rosalie. She could not wait to see how Rosalie would react.

However, whatever she imagined; be it shock, disbelief, or anger; did not appear on Rosalie’s face.

Rosalie did not seem surprised at all with the result. Her eyes did not fluctuate at all, perhaps even a little indifferent. She just looked at Byron calmly.

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