My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1805

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1805-“President Lawrence, I followed up on the entire testing process. The samples were accurate. I sent the results right away once they came out!”

Earnest was overwhelmed by Byron’s imposing aura.

However, the greed for 10 million dollars made him bite the bullet and respond against his better judgment.

“Are you sure there is no parent-child relationship?” Melody’s voice was tepid.

Her eyes were still on Rosalie.

Rosalie’s lack of response does not mean she would not. She had to make good use of it at the right moment.

Earnest looked at Melody and nodded to confirm.

“Byron, the result is out. You see, it isn’t me who’s unwilling to accept those two boys. If I could, I would love to be their grandma. Am I right?”

From her son’s full-blown anger, Melody felt that this was an opportunity.

She wanted to direct her son’s anger to Rosalie.

Byron frowned and glanced at his mother. “Mom, do you think this is the real test result?” “How could this be false? If you don’t even believe the test results over someone who spews nonsense, then the descendants of our family would just be anywhere.” Melody raised her voice with heavy implications.

At this moment, Byron completely lost all affection for his mother.

“Rosalie, you are too good at deceiving, aren’t you? Which ruffian did you have these two children with? How dare you pretend to be descendants of our family. I knew Byron’s feelings for you, but aren’t you ashamed for deceiving Byron like this?”

Melody continued to act. This was the “truth” she was looking forward to. She wanted to take this opportunity to completely crush Rosalie by making

Byron hate Rosalie to the core.

Rosalie’s face froze. She was utterly disappointed in this mother-in-law.

She took a deep look at Byron.

The man’s eyes were similar to what she expected, showing an indescribable disappointment.

“Auntie Melody, you can’t wait to drive me away from the family, can you? Are you still adamant to do so even when Lucian and Nox are really your grandsons?”

Rosalie’s reaction was not what Melody imagined.

There was no panic, but a firm determination.

“What are you talking about? What do you mean drive you away? You are deceiving our entire family. Also, now that the results are out, those two boys are indeed not my grandchildren. So your assumption is not valid.”

Melody panicked. Her son and Rosalie’s reactions were completely unexpected.

Since she was already in trouble, she could only hold on and continue to question Rosalie. “Rosalie, let me ask you, did you drug Byron? Is that why Byron listened to you in everything?”

Rosalie was stunned for a moment. She never expected Melody’s imagination to be so rich.

Suddenly, Byron stood up abruptly and shouted. “Enough!”

Both Melody and Earnest were terrified, especially Earnest, whose feet began to tremble.

“Earnest, if you dare to continue lying, I’ll send you to jail! You are already committing a job-related crime!”

Byron turned his face to the side. His eyes were as sharp as a falcon, staring at every slight change of expression on Earnest’s face.

At this moment, Earnest was completely paralyzed by fear and began to stutter. “President Lawrence, L..L..I was wrong! The real…test report…is…is not this one.”

Melody’s entire expression froze immediately. Her eyes widened and her lips twitched slightly when Earnest admitted that the report had been swapped.

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