My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1810

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1810-Do You Have That Patience?

“Byron, Rosalie, I’ll go home first. I’ll come back another day to see the kids!”

Byron was in the study, while Rosalie was in the bathroom. Melody walked to the second floor and yelled out.

After a few seconds, no one responded.

A wry smile appeared on the corner of Melody’s mouth. This was what she deserved.

Unexpectedly, Rosalie had just washed Estie’s hair. She wiped her hands and ran out to the yard.

“Auntie Melody, drive carefully at night! Next time you come, you can take Lucian and Nox out for fun.” Rosalie was not just being polite; her eyes were sincere.

Melody froze for a moment. She nodded and responded with a smile. “Okay, then I’ll come back next time.”

After sending Melody away, Rosalie went back to the second floor to prepare towels and clothes for Lucian and Nox.

The man came out of the study room, reached out, and wiped the sweat off Rosalie’s forehead. “Honey, you’ve worked hard!”

“No big deal, Iā€™m only helping Estie take a bath. Once Estie gets older, she wouldn’t let me help. There aren’t many chances now!”

“No, I’m talking about my mother. Thank you for being so polite to her. ā€

At this moment, Byron’s eyes were deep like a bright starry sky, attracting Rosalie’s gaze.

“To be honest, I still can’t forgive her in my heart. However, she is good to the kids, so I must be a good example for the kids. Perhaps, there is still a chance. Maybe in the future, she will be a great mother-in-law!”

Rosalie had spoken her mind.

Byron grabbed her waist and hugged her tightly.

“Daddy, Mommy, you guys are hugging secretly again. I want it too; I want it too!” Estie’s childish voice came out, and she squeezed herself between them.

Melody returned home to the Lawrence Family Mansion.

Benedict had just come back from tea and chess with friends as well. He heard the housekeeper say that Madam went to visit the kids. Benedict felt somewhat relieved.

‘My wife isn’t ill-natured. She just has a difficult personality, is narrow-minded and stubborn!ā€™

This was more or less his responsibility. He did not stand up to his wife’s shortcomings, which caused her not to correct them, which eventually spiraled out of control.

“Have you seen the kids? Have you apologized to them?” Benedict raised his eyes and saw that his wife seemed to have calmed down.

Melody nodded. “I met them. Thanks to Luther this time, Lucian and Nox both like the toy figure I bought.”

Melody told her husband what happened.

Finally, she sat quietly, waiting for her husband to throw a blow or make a mockery of her.

However, Benedict did none of that. Instead, his eyes were soft as he smiled slightly, “Tomorrow, I will go to our son to intercede and ask him not to send you to Europe. However, you must change your ways in the future. You have hurt Rosalie greatly. It wouldn’t be easy to obtain her complete forgiveness. Do you have that patience?”

Melody was stunned and did not answer for a long time.

Then, she spoke suddenly, with tenderness in her eyes. “I realized that my temper is really horrible, and you have always tolerated me over the years. Thank you, darling!”

Benedict did not say a word but stretched out his hand towards her. Both their hands firmly grasped each other.

At this time, a car suddenly came to the yard. Once the engine turned off, Chloe’s voice was heard.

“Uncle Benedict, Auntie Melody, I’m here. My parents just came back from their hometown and brought some local products, which they told me to give to you.” Chloe opened the trunk of the car and walked in with many things.

Benedict got up and went to receive her, but there was a thoughtful look in his eyes.

‘It’s late at night, this girl suddenly found an excuse to come over, maybe there is something wrong?’

Melody’s eyes were a little swollen. She was worried that Chloe would notice, so she responded with a smile. “It’s not safe to drive here at night, you could’ve dropped it off tomorrow. What a coincidence, I was about to put on a face mask.”

With that, she turned around and entered the room. When she came out again, the facial mask covered everything.

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