My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1811

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1811-Chloe was in a puzzle. Melody was a woman of etiquette, but she was now being a little impolite by applying a face mask before her guest.

However, on second thought, it meant Melody took her as family instead of a guest. That was why Melody did not pay much attention to etiquette.

Noticing Benedict was still around, she smiled and said,” Uncle Benedict, I brought delicious fruits. I’ll go and wash them!”

Benedict immediately rejected her kindness and went to wash the fruits himself.

He knew what was on Chloe’s mind. She was trying to use this excuse to create some space for her and Melody.

It made him wonder what Chloe wanted to say to his wife.

He hoped his wife would not make the same silly mistake again, just like what she did about Wendy’s crush on Byron.

Chloe smiled and looked at Melody when Benedict entered the kitchen.

Her purpose was simple. She wanted Melody’s help to give her a chance to get along with Byron.

She even had a great excuse for it.

“Aunt Melody, I got to know a piece of news today. The old principal of the junior high school Byron and I attended is ill. It might be cancer or something, but the old principal is poor and has little savings. He won’t be able to seek treatment in time. I wonder if you can help me talk to Byron about it. I’ll go with him to visit and donate some money for the old principal’s treatment.”

Chloe explained slowly. She believed Melody would understand her intention.

All she wanted was to have some time to get along with Byron to improve their relationship.

She was not too worried that Melody would refuse.

“Really? That’s the right thing to do. However, Chloe, I’ve been busy with my physical examination recently. Byron is probably busy with business too. You can ask him yourself. He should be able to spare some time.”

Melody’s answer made Chloe freeze.

That was a gentle refusal. Melody did not only avoid agreeing to Chloe’s suggestion, but she did not even want to convey her words to Byron.

Chloe frowned slightly before hiding her displeasure.

“Oh, alright. Are you feeling okay?” She then brought up the topic of Melody’s health.

She pondered Melody’s attitude toward her.

It was different from the last time when Melody was eager to get Byron and her together.

“It’s not a big deal. It’s just a routine check. Don’t worry about it.”

Melody smiled, but the face mask covered most of her expression, making the smile look insincere.

After exchanging pleasantries, Chloe felt she could only contact Byron herself and left the Lawrence family’s mansion.

After she left, Benedict came out with the fruits and nodded to his wife. “Finally, you’ve learned your lesson.”

Melody did not respond but was thinking about what her husband had said.

If she had not frantically supported Wendy at that time, would she have continued to make mistakestill the end or would she have thought things through in time? Perhaps the Fuller family would not have perished.

Melody felt like she was a sinful person. Suddenly, she looked at her husband and asked, “Benedict, am I a person with many flaws in my character? I want to make up for my sins by praying to God. Do you think it’ll work?”

“Yes, it is good to believe in God. Anyway, it’ll never be too late to pray and realize your mistake from the heart sincerely.”

Benedict fed his wife the fruit.

Although she still had the mask on her face, tears still flowed down her cheeks.

Her husband was so kind to her. He spoiled her so much, causing her to become a paranoid person.

However, she forgot to cherish his love for her.

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