My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1814

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1814-“Alright then. I’ll accept the gift since my best friend is a wealthy woman!”

Mary did not stand on ceremony and accepted after being startled momentarily.

Rosalie was satisfied. That was how a best friend should be. They knew each other well. If Mary rejected, that would mean their relationship was not that close.

Of course, Rosalie had other plans in mind.

“However, there’s a condition for you to get this villa!” Rosalie sounded mischievous when she said that.

Mary rolled her eyes. “I knew there would be conditions. Alright, what do you want me to do?”

Byron and Andrius were curious what was the condition Rosalie would mention.

“It’s not a difficult request. From now on, you’ll be the director of the hospital. What do you think about it? You should be able to carry this responsibility, right?” Rosalie asked with a smile as she looked at her friend.

Mary was taken aback again.

Was that a promotion? A quick promotion?

She had been working as a doctor in the hospital under the research institute Rosalie worked. She had high wages and received good treatment. Although her job was not easy, she was happy doing it.

However, she did not expect Rosalie to entrust her with important responsibilities one day. Before this, the position of the hospital director had been empty.

Now, she panicked. It was not only a higher position, but it came with more responsibilities too.

“Don’t you dare to accept it?” Seeing her still hesitating, Rosalie tried to trigger Mary’s competitive spirit.

When the three children heard Mary could be promoted, they immediately encouraged her, “Godmother, agree to it!”

“Is being the hospital director more powerful than our headmaster?” Estelle asked cutely.

Byron and Andrius looked at each other. They never expected Rosalie to hand over such an important position to Mary.

After all, the hospital was the research institute’s benchmark hospital and bore many social responsibilities.

Mary pondered, but she finally agreed when she lifted her head and her eyes met Rosalie’s eager gaze.

“Alright, I accept. I’ll manage the hospital to the best of my ability and live upto your expectation!”

‘That’ll do. I have to provide a car for you as well. As to what kind of assistant you want, choose for yourself.”

Rosalie was swift and decided what Mary needed.

The celebration meal’s main character became Mary.

Of course, one day in the future, Mary would have successfully made the hospital the best in the Eastern countries. However, that was years later.

After a while, the children began to feel tired, so they finished the meal.

Mary had drunk a lot, and her face flushed red. She staggered when she walked, and Rosalie held her.

Byron looked at Andrius with obvious intention. “Why don’t you send Miss Wilson back? Of course, you shouldn’t drive. Ask your chauffeur to pick you up.”

Andrius nodded. Rosalie immediately pushed Mary gently to him.

“Hold on to her. I need to carry Estie. Look at her, she’s getting drowsy.” Rosalie immediately let go and carried Estelle.

Estelle seemed to smell the scent of her mommy. She lay on her mommy’s shoulder and dozed off.

Andrius held Mary’s arms carefully. “Miss Wilson, are you alright? I’ll send you home!”

Mary was still conscious. She looked at Rosalie and noticed Rosalie’s meaningful gaze, indicating she should grab the chance.

She seemed to understand what Rosalie meant, and her heart hammered.

Byron carried Lucian and Nox each in one arm and beckoned Rosalie to leave.

Luther had arrived. After they got into the car, Luther stepped on the accelerator, and they left.

When Andrius helped Mary to the door, the family of five had already long left.

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