My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1815

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1815-Puke Bag

Andrius carefully helped Mary enter the car when the chauffeur arrived.

Then, he went to the trunk, took out the puke bag, and got ready.

Mary felt heavy-headed, but she was in a conscious state of mind.

It shocked her that Andrius was so ‘meticulous.’

Andrius sat beside Mary and handed the puke bag to her. Then, he ordered the chauffeur to drive slowly.

After that, he sat straight up as he looked outside, as though she had nothing to do with him.

She finally understood why a handsome and wealthy gentleman like him would still be single.

She had drunk a lot of wine because she was happy. At this moment, she was drunk and drowsy.

She closed her eyes and looked like she had fallen asleep.

Andrius glanced at her and noticed her head was swaying. She kept trying to keep it still, but it tilted to his side eventually. Her eyes were closed.

“Miss Wilson, are you asleep?” he asked.

Mary was now half-asleep. She had nowhere to rest her head and felt uncomfortable.

She longed for him to lend her a shoulder to lean on.

However, Andrius did nothing and did not intend to approach her further.

As she pondered, she dozed off.

One side of her body could not support her head this time, and it slid toward Andrius.

Her head rested on his shoulder.

She was still somewhat conscious but felt that her sleep was uncomfortable. Thus, she subconsciously moved her body toward him.

However, Andrius had his hand on her head.

She woke up instantly because the man’s hand was pushing her head away from his shoulder hard.

“Miss Wilson, wake up and don’t fall asleep! You might puke if you sleep in the car!” Andrius’ voice was deep and gentle.

Speechless, Mary distanced herself from Andrius.

This man was hard to get!

She sighed and slowly fell asleep again.

After arriving at the residence, the car stopped. Andrius immediately got out of the car, wanting to help Mary out.

However, Mary had already sobered up and got out of the car herself.

‘Thanks for the puke bag, Mr. Quirke!” Her face flushed, and she looked mad. She stuffed the puke bag into Andrius’ hand.

Then, she strode into her residential area.

Andrius rubbed his nose awkwardly. He could not understand why Mary seemed angry.

Was the air conditioner too cold?

Looking at her departing back, Andrius called Byron to tell him he had dropped Mary off at her house.

“Okay. Not bad. Did anything happen?” Byron asked casually.

“What? Nothing happened. I did as you told and sent Miss Wilson back home,” Andrius answered seriously.

Byron was startled and nodded. “Okay then!”

Immediately after Byron hung up the call, Rosalie’s phone rang. It was a call from Mary.

“Rosie, can you believe it? When I got in the car, he gave me a puke bag! Oh my god! He didn’t offer me a hangover drink or water. He gave me a puke bag! Rosie, do I really deserve to be single?”

Mary complained.

Rosalie felt helpless. She never expected Andrius to be insensible to this extent.

Before, she thought Andrius was self-disciplined as he had been helping the Quirke family with their business and that was why he was single.

Now, it seemed that this was apparently not the reason!

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