My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1821

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1821-This school was no longer in use and had moved to another place.

However, the old campus had been transformed into an activity center for the elderly. The elderly from nearby communities would always come here for leisure.

Many retired teachers still lived in dormitories on campus.

Cars could not enter the compound, so the three of them went on foot. It did not take long before they arrived at the dormitory building.

It was a very old, five-story building with rows of rooms, just like the classrooms in those days.

Judging from the laundry drying outside, there were not many teachers living here anymore.

Chloe made a phone call. Then, the old principal’s daughter, a plain-looking, middle-aged woman, came out to greet her.

“Hello, my dad has just woken up, so he can chat with you,” There were unmistakable traces of tears in her eyes.

It was apparent that she had just cried bitterly.

Chloe walked in front with Rosalie following her. Byron was at the very back.

He asked the principal’s daughter, “Do you have any medical records? What did the hospital say?”

“President Lawrence, thank you for your visit. However, my father’s illness… I don’t think there’s any hope of recovery.” The principal’s daughter’s face was filled with sadness again as she said that.

Byron and Chloe entered the room and saw the old principal lying on the bed. He was skinny and weak. Both the former students fell silent.

As a doctor, Rosalie sighed in her heart when she saw this.

The most fearful thing in life was falling seriously ill in old age. Not only would the patient’s descendants lose their wealth from all the medical bills, but the patient would also suffer before death.

Once upon a time, the principal’s eyes were full of light as he dedicated his life to education.

Now, those eyes had become cloudy. He was unable to identify people.

Byron and Chloe both took the initiative to greet him loudly, for fear that the old principal could not hear.

Finally, Byron introduced Rosalie to the old man. “Sir, this is my wife, a doctor. Let her take a look at you today.”

The old principal became excited when he heard that. A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

The principal’s daughter suppressed her sadness and grabbed her father’s hand excitedly. ’ Dad, let Dr. Jacobs examine you. Also, Mr. Lawrence and Miss Lincoln are willing to pay for your medical treatment. From now on, you don’t have to worry about money!”

“T-This isn’t appropriate! I’ll be fine. I’ve accepted it! My students are all over the world! I’m not afraid of death, I’m not afraid of-“

The old principal’s voice was hoarse and broken, but every word had conviction and was so powerful.

The principal’s daughter took out the medical records and handed them to Rosalie. The light in the room was not bright enough, so she turned around and went outside to check.

Byron asked the principal’s daughter to go out as well and explain the situation to Rosalie in detail.

The principal rambled on and began to ask Byron and Chloe how they were doing now.

After a while of rambling, he kept praising Byron.

This was because Byron had donated to the school many times before. Even the new campus was funded by Lawrence Corporation.

Byron felt some self-blame as he listened patiently to the old principal. “I’m sorry I haven’t been doing well enough these years. I didn’t even come to visit you!”

“It’s okay, it’s okay! Byron, your family is huge. You must be busy with so many ongoing duties. In fact, your family has made a lot of contributions to our city’s economy!”

Byron nodded silently.

Outside the room, Rosalie listened to the principal’s daughter’s detailed explanation of the medical report. Then, she finally looked at the medical records and all the attached images. This was indeed a serious illness that required high medical fees.

However, she thought of the Greenbloom Needling Technique she was learning and figured she could pair it with her own medicine.

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