My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1823

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1823-“Chloe, let’s have a meal together. Fortunately, you were paying attention to this matter. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know what would’ve happened to the old principal. If this situation was delayed further, things might be irreparable.”

Byron extended an invitation, but Chloe politely declined.

He did not insist further and left the school with Rosalie by car.

On the way, Rosalie received a call from her best friend. The car arranged by Mary had arrived and the principal was on the way to the hospital.

“Miss Director, you did a good job!” Rosalie chuckled and teased her.

This stirred up Mary’s complaint in an instant. “Can you stop teasing me now? I thought the director was just in charge of calling for a meeting with everyone once in a while. I didn’t expect to deal with so many things. Oh my god, do you know what time I get off work now? Also, I was looking forward to enjoying the villa you gave me. Great, I’m so busy that I don’t even know if there’s water or electricity at home… w

The rambling went on. Then, Rosalie comforted her, reminding her that the director’s salary was high and she could get in touch with more excellent doctors.

Unexpectedly, Mary secretly asked, “Where’s Andrius? What is he upto recently? He seems very busy. Is he exhausted? Should he come to the hospital for a physical examination?”

Rosalie was stunned for a moment, and now she understood. Even though Andrius was a blockhead, he was still her best friend’s favorite.

“Okay, your idea is good. I’ll ask Byron to have him go to the hospital for a physical examination. That way, Andrius can experience your gentleness!” Rosalie agreed to help create a chance for the two of them again.

Unexpectedly, Mary sneered.

“Of course! I’ll make sure to let him experience my gentleness! This time, I’ll prepare a puke bag for him instead!

Rosalie felt her scalp tingling, wondering what kind of punishment her best friend would impose on Andrius.

Byron saw Rosalie laughing non-stop after she hung up the phone. He could not help but ask curiously.

She told him all about Mary’s crazy idea, and Byron laughed too. “It seems that Andrius won’t be able to escape now!”

“Yeah, but I think the Quirkes must be in trouble now. I never expected Andrea to go against the family.”

Rosalie’s worry hit the nail accurately on the spot.

At this time, in the Quirkes’ living room, Andrea was packing her things as her parents tried to make her say. They also tried to intercede with Andrius.

However, Andrius’ face was gloomy, and he shouted coldly,” Dad, Mom, leave her alone! She’s out of her mind now. The fact that she’s being used by Alistair has brought great losses to our family. She really thought that Alistair would hand over those businesses to her?”

“Yes, you’re so right. You’re right about everything! The Quirkes depend on you! You even robbed your own sister’s business! You’re a beast!”

Andrea cursed loudly, feeling livid in her heart. She raised the price to make more money and help the family business at the same time.

Unexpectedly, her brother snatched all the goods from those companies back for Byron and Rosalie’s sake.

Fortunately, Alistair did not blame her too much. Otherwise, she would not know how to face him.

Now, she had made up her mind to leave the Quirkes completely.

‘The Quirkes will never provide any help, and they’re far inferior to Alistair.

‘That man will win for sure.

‘Until then, Brother can just wait and cry. How can he possibly achieve anything by just being Lawrence Corporation’s lackey all the time?’

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