My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1830

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1830-Not long after Rosalie arrived at the research institute, Mary called just as she was about to change clothes and enter the laboratory.

“Rosie, this Andrius dude has serious gastritis! In fact, the situation doesn’t look good. There are so many polyps, accompanied by some lacerations from erosion. I was too careless just now. I even forgot to cut some polyps for testing!”

Mary’s tone was full of concern.

“Don’t worry, just send the pictures to my phone and I’ll take a look. Also, you might be overly concerned. It may not be as serious as you think. Besides, I have other ways to help him recuperate. Why are you so scared?”

As Rosalie spoke, Mary quickly hung up the phone and sent over all the inspection charts.

Rosalie checked for a long time too. It was indeed very serious.

She could not help but sigh. ‘Andrius is overworked. This may be due to long-term irregular diet, plus alcohol consumption and the like, leading to such serious condition.’

Fortunately, such a condition was completely manageable in Rosalie’s opinion. Firstly, she would give him Western medication for some antibacterial treatment, then pair it with traditional medicine for conditioning.

As long as he strictly followed the doctor’s advice, he could recover well in about three months.

Rosalie replied to Mary, telling her to relax and not to worry so much.

In the office, Mary felt a little more at ease when she heard that Andrius could recover completely.

Andrius, who was undergoing a physical examination, seemed to be fine and completed all the examinations.

Mary looked at the results of all the other examinations, and there was no problem. Even the colonoscopy was fine.

Only his stomach was in serious condition.

She immediately asked the staff of the medical examination department to keep Andrius.

“Mr. Quirke, the director wants to see you.”

It did not occur to Andrius who was the director until he saw Mary.

“Miss Wilson, I forgot that you were promoted to be the director. Wow, I can see that you’re doing very well. The entire medical examination process that I experienced today was really good.”

Andrius thought, ‘Complimenting others as an opening remark will seldom be wrong.’

Mary did not appear flattered, but she did invite him to sit down.

“However, I have one tiny suggestion. The doctor in your gastroscopy department was a bit rough. Perhaps you could kindly remind her!” Andrius could not figure out why Mary’s face was so serious.

‘She probably has to put up a front because she’s just been promoted to director?’

In the spirit of making some suggestions to improve the hospital’s standards, he took the initiative to share his slightly unpleasant experience during the physical examination.

Mary was stunned for a moment. She did not expect to receive a complaint about herself from him!

‘How dare this guy complain about me?’

Mary took out his examination report and said plainly, “Mr. Quirke, I’d like to ask for some specific information. Does your family have a genetic history of stomach problems?”

Andrius shook his head. ‘She’s seemingly ignoring my suggestion. Could she be the type of person who never takes suggestions?’

“Then, did you come into contact with contaminated food in your diet or any radioactive substances?” Mary asked again, her face still tense.

Andrius shook his head again before finally realizing that there might be something wrong with his gastroscopy.

He asked, “Miss Wilson, is there something wrong with my stomach?”

“Yes! There’s a very serious problem. You haven’t been taking care of your health well enough. The condition of your stomach may develop into stomach cancer if you delay treatment. Do you know that?”

Mary’s tone immediately startled Andrius.

“Is… Is it really that serious?”

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