My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1832

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1832-Mary prescribed some medicine, reminded Andrius how to take it, and finally let him relax.

If he was not afraid of gastroscopy, he should do a followup review once a month.

Andrius was indeed a little scared, so Mary smiled coyly and promised to change the doctor next time.

After he left, Mary informed Rosalie of his situation.

“It was caused by medication. What kind of medicine did he take to cause such serious damage to the stomach?!”

Rosalie asked inevitably because of her professional habits as a doctor.

Mary stretched the truth because she had agreed to keep it a secret.

“It’s a medicine to promote sleep, and I don’t know where he got it. Anyway, I told him to stop now because he can’t take any more of that medicine. Please prepare some prescriptions for him to nourish the stomach!”

Rosalie agreed.

After a day of work, the three little kids immediately surrounded her when she got back home.

“Mommy, you must be tired, hurry up and drink some water.”

“Mommy, Daddy said, you always have to stand while doing experiments. Come, let me massage your feet for you!”

‘ Mommy, I want to help, I want to help too. I’ll massage Mommy’s shoulders!”

Rosalie had the feeling these kids had personal agenda that they would show such courtesy voluntarily.

“Tell me now, what do you want to buy, or where do you want to go?”

She scanned Lucian, Nox and Estie’s faces, and found that their eyes were shining.

“We don’t want toys or anything. We want to go to the orphanage. We have saved some money and want to donate it to them. Is it possible?” Estie looked expectant.

Rosalie was stunned for a moment. She did not expect that they would take the initiative to make such a request.

She nodded immediately and agreed. “This is a wonderful thing, why would you worry about Mommy not agreeing? No problem, I’ll take you with me.”

The three little kids were immediately overjoyed.

When Byron came back, Rosalie told him what the three kids asked for.

Byron smiled too and praised the kids again.

Tomorrow happened to be the weekend, so the family decided to go tomorrow.

At dinnertime, Rosalie mentioned about Andrius’s serious stomach problem which caught Byron by surprise. However, he felt relieved when he heard that Rosalie and Mary were going to treat him personally.

“Why don’t we ask him to come along tomorrow? He’s a workaholic who knows nothing but work. It’s good to let him participate in more activities.”

“Sounds good. If that’s the case, let’s call Mary too. It’s her day off tomorrow too. She would have more opportunities to get in touch with Andrius.”

Rosalie immediately called her best friend in the middle of dinner.

At first, Mary wanted to complain about her directorship workload; that even though it was a day off, she actually still worked at home.

However, Mary’s heart skipped a beat when she heard that Andrius was going too. She immediately agreed.

“Haha, you agreed as soon as you heard about Andrius. You don’t even know howto hide it!” Rosalie giggled and teased her.

Mary had other considerations in her mind.

‘Perhaps, going to the orphanage to help those children would give him some healing energy for his depression.’

Mary did not explain much but just responded casually.” Yes, yes, I’m focusing my entire being on Andrius right now. Go ahead and make fun of me, like the pot calling the kettle black. You have been willingly waiting for Byron for so many years.”

The two chatted a while more.

After hanging up the phone, Byron suddenly asked about the wedding dress shooting.

“I’ll follow your arrangement. We can shoot whenever you want. I’ve been waiting for so many years, doesn’t hurt to wait awhile more!”

Rosalie’s words made Byron feel slightly nervous again. Her tone was somewhat resentful!

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