My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1833

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1833-Rosalie and Byron set off with the three little kids over the weekend.

In terms of donations, the little kids have not disclosed how much money they have.

Although Byron and Rosalie were very curious, they waited for the kids to initiate the reveal.

First, the family went to the supermarket and bought a lot of toys, snacks, and books.

Immediately, they let the supermarket arranged a mediumsized truck to send all the goods directly.

When they arrived at the orphanage, Mary and Andrius had been waiting for a long time.

Mary wore a beautiful sundress, while Andrius was dressed casually.

The two of them were also not sloppy either. Mary brought a medical examination team from the hospital over to give the children in the orphanage a free examination.

Andrius contacted several sponsors overnight to provide some accommodation facilities and daily necessities for free.

The two had already greeted the director of the orphanage. They were just waiting for Byron’s family.

After the group entered, they received a warm welcome.

Under the director’s guidance, the three little kids quickly got into action.

They started communicating with all the children.

The children’s mental wellbeing seemed to be given excellent care by the staff of this orphanage. All the children were enthusiastic and happy.

The whole process went smoothly.

The three little kids donated more than one hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

This number surprised Rosalie and Byron.

They never gave the children pocket money at all because they did not lack anything.

“How did you save so much money?” Rosalie was a little worried, and quickly looked at Lucian and Nox.

She was afraid the kids would use those powerful hacking techniques to seek ill-gotten gains.

However, Estie explained directly. “It’s not the two brothers, I did it. I helped many websites to fix bugs with the technology I learned from my brothers. So, that’s the reward

I got! I earned a lot of money from that!”

Lucian and Nox nodded. Part of the donation sums were earned from the boys’ website by making online class videos.

“Estie earns more, but we earn less. Next time, Nox and I will donate more!”

The director of the orphanage looked at the three little one with a smile on his face, thanking them for their kindness.

“Thank you. I will tell all the children about the help you have given them, so they would help others when they can.”

Mary and Andrius were still busy.

Mary brought her team to do the physical examination. There were dozens of children, so it took a longer time.

Andrius, along with his sponsors, were upgrading the children’s living conditions, replacing many new beds and new equipment.

In the afternoon, the director and the staff member cooked a meal to entertain Rosalie and the visiting party.

When it was almost time, Rosalie and Byron took the three little kids and bid goodbye to all the children.

“We will come again. Brothers and sisters…”

The director personally sent them to the gate. There was another burst of sincere gratitude.

It made Byron feel embarrassed, so he promised that there will be other donations in the future.

Andrius and Mary were not done yet, so Rosalie and Byron did not interrupt them and let the two carried on.

After Rosalie’s family left, Mary sorted out the results of the physical examination and handed them over to the director in the evening.

Among them, several children needed to go to the hospital for further examination with professional equipment.

On Andrius’ side, the beds and facilities had been installed properly. The children’s living environment had been completely renewed.

Andrius felt a burst of relief in his heart looking at the fruits of his labor.

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