My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1835

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1835- Who’s Your Employer

Melody followed Rosalie’s instructions and flushed the scalded area with cold water for fifteen minutes. Immediately, she felt that burning pain disappeared.

Rosalie brought the burn salve that she had made, which resembled a moisturizing ointment.

After applying it carefully, she then used a hair dryer and adjusted it to a cold setting to dry the ointment slowly.

Melody felt a soothing chill on the back of her hand.

Slowly, the initially inflamed skin began to return to normal.

This made Melody realize that Rosalie’s medical skills are superb. With such an ointment, it would become a hot seller in the market.

Til get the soup for the kids. Please rest, Auntie Melody.”

Rosalie went into the kitchen and tasted the soup. It was very delicious, so she took bowls and served them up.

Lucian took the initiative to pick up a bowl and handed it to Melody.” Grandma, this is the soup you worked so hard to make. You should be the first to taste it!”

Melody wanted to decline at first, but Benedict said with a smile, “It’s rare for you to cook soup for the first time in your life. You should commemorate this and try your cooking!”

Rosalie immediately brought out the second bowl and gave it to Benedict.

Then it was the kids* turn. Finally, even Byron was called over. The entire family had soup.

At nine o’clock in the evening, the children had to take a bath and go to bed. So, Melody reluctantly bid farewell to the three little kids.

On the way home, Benedict praised his wife without hesitation and encouraged her to keep going. Sooner or later, Rosalie would forgive her.

“I know, but that’s also because Rosalie is kind enough. Now, I shouldn’t be thinking about being forgiven all day long. What I should be thinking about is how to be a good Grandma and a good mother-in-law. Maybe, I realized too late. Or maybe, it’s a sudden wake-up call.”

Melody sighed. She understood that once upon a time when her husband protected her, and she did not suffer too much when she was the daughter- in-law of the Lawrence family.

Benedict did not say anymore, believing that his wife would change.

Noisy bar, booming DJ, swaying men and women under the neon lights.

Chloe never liked this kind of environment. Since she was a child, she always gave people the impression that she was quiet and sweet.

However, she had to immerse herself now. Glasses of red wine poured down her throat continuously, with a hint of spicy bitterness.

She knew that the wine in this bar was nothing amazing, but it was good enough.

If she kept drinking, it would be enough for her to forget everything.

She knew she had no chance against Rosalie.

Her youthful longing and deep nostalgia did not mean a thing.

Suddenly, a mildly handsome and fashionable young man approached her.

A girl drinking alone was the object of countless men’s hunting for sex.

As soon as he sat opposite Chloe, Chloe became irritable and said coldly,” Excuse me, I didn’t ask, so don’t sit in front of me. Stay away from me, okay?”

If it were any other man, he would probably obediently avoid Chloe judging from the luxury brands she was wearing, as well as the sports car keys on the table.

After all, no matter how one looks at it, she dressed and looked like the daughter of a wealthy family.

However, the young man smiled lightly, unafraid of Chloe’s temper at all.

“Miss Lincoln, right? My employer wants to meet you and talk to you about something. Would you be willing?” “Get lost! I don’t care who you are, I’m not in the mood right now.” Chloe did not care who that employer was. She was in a horrible mood now and did not want to see anyone.

“I think you’d like to see her. After all, she knows your troubles. Besides, she wants to help you. You must hate Rosalie very much!” The young man’s mouth twitched.

His employer said that, as long as Rosalie was mentioned, Chloe would agree.

Sure enough, Chloe raised her eyes and looked at the young man carefully. “What’s your employer’s name?”

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