My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1838

My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 1838-Not Used To It

Melody arrived at the villa early in the morning.

She was busy helping the kids get ready, chatting with them, and finally having breakfast together.

The servants wanted to help, but she refused. She insisted to do it herself.

The burn from last night was completely healed after she woke up this morning. This made her admire her daughter-in- law’s medical skills.

When Byron saw what his mother did and never rejected her. He even let her send the kids to and from school.

Rosalie woke up to find herself menstruating. Her lower abdomen throbbed painfully, so she lay down on the bed for a while.

After Melody came back from sending the kids, she found that Rosalie had just woken up looking sick. Suddenly, an idea came to her.

“Rosalie, you are in such pain. Why don’t you stay home today? Have a good rest. I’ll go downstairs and make you a nutritious stew!”

Melody went downstairs immediately before Rosalie could be astonished.

Not long after, Byron called to ask if Rosalie was in severe pain and suggested for her to try some ibuprofen for relief.

“I’m a doctor myself, I know that. Don’t worry and go to work. I took a day off today. Auntie Melody, on the other hand, cooked soup for me last night, and now she’s going to make stew for me. I’m so worried that she might burn herself again!”

‘Rosalie, just give her a chance. She deserves it!” Byron giggled lightly.

“How can anyone say that about their own mother? Okay then, I got it. I will take good care of myself. Let’s take the wedding photos after my period is over.”

Rosalie still could not change the way she addressed Melody, but Byron did not say anything at all.

Rosalie felt less pain after washing up. She then slowly went downstairs.

Melody smiled as she came out of the kitchen. “It’s almost ready. I’ve also been drinking this stew since I was young. It’s very effective. It can nourish the body well!”

Rosalie nodded, sat down, and asked Melody about yesterday’s burns.

Melody showed the back of her hand and praised Rosalie’s medical skills. She also mentioned that many of her lady friends would want this kind of burn ointment.

“Why hasn’t this medicine been produced? It would be a hit if it is produced!” Melody asked curiously.

Rosalie explained patiently. “The medicinal materials of this ointment are scarce, and the production process cannot be

quantified, so it is not suitable for assembly line production. I only made some in case the kids get burned. However, I will make more in the future to stock up at home!”

“Oh, so that’s why! It really is hard to make good medicine. Have a seat, you can drink it soon. Don’t worry, the stew isn’t greasy, it’s very suitable for breakfast.”

After Melody finished speaking, she went to the kitchen again. Then, she took out the stew in a pot and ladled it into a small bowl to let it cool down.

Then, she probably felt awkward sitting alone with Rosalie. Melody asked again, “What else do you need? I’ll go buy it!”

Rosalie shook her head. “Nothing at all. Thank you, Auntie Melody. This stew smells lovely!”

Rosalie had the stew; it was indeed a unique fragrance. She praised Melody’s cooking skills.

Melody felt so embarrassed. Then, she excused herself to help Byron tidy up the study room.

Rosalie finally relaxed slightly seeing her going upstairs.

Melody was an elder after all. She used to appear domineering, but now she seemed fine. The elderly woman was so polite and gentle that Rosalie could not get used to

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