My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 815

Chapter 815 Creating An Opportunity To Meet

Rosalie stood at the door, looking at the backs of the two, a self­mockery flashed across her eyes.

‘We had not seen each other for a week, I should have understood the man’s mind long ago.’

‘When I saw him just now, I actually had the same illusion as before, thinking that this man wanted to see me by using the little one as an excuse.’

‘But, I almost forgot that the entanglement between US had already come to an end with the conclusion of the competition between Byron and Xander?

‘I guess they would come over today, only because Byron was pestered by the little one?

Rosalie forced herself to put away her thoughts quickly, turned around and closed the door, and followed in.

“Little sister, have you eaten?”

At the dining room, the two little boys asked enthusiastically when they saw Daddy came with little sister. Their faces were full of excitement.

Estie shook her head.

‘I’m eager to come to see Auntie, how would I have time for breakfast?’

Not only did she not eat, but Daddy did not eat either.

Seeing the little sister shaking her head, the two little boys immediately said, “Then come eat with us!”

After that, the kids raised their eyes and looked in Rosalie’s direction.

Rosalie pursed her lips and smiled as she looked at their little faces, then turned her head to Byron. “President Lawrence probably hasn’t eaten yet, let’s sit down and have breakfast together.”

Since the entanglement between them has ended , Rosalie was able to calmly treat the man like an ordinary friend.

On the side, when Byron heard that the little woman took the initiative to invite him, there was a strange feeling in his heart.

Just when he tried to catch anything on her face, the woman had already turned and entered the kitchen.

After a while, Rosalie came out with two sets of cutleries, placed them in front of them, and looked at Little Estie with concern. “Is Estie here to play with the little brothers?”

The girl shook her head without hesitation and looked at her earnestly. “Estie is here to thank Auntie!”

Hearing this, Rosalie was puzzled, subconsciously raised her eyes to look at the man opposite, and thought that he would know something.

As soon as she raised her eyes, she met his dark eyes.

‘It’s like, he has been staring at me..?

Rosalie was stunned for a few seconds, then silently pinched her palms, forced herself to discipline her thoughts, and then looked at the little girl calmly. “Really? What do you want to thank Auntie for?”

“Thank you Auntie for helping Estie and Daddy get better! I have been learning to make cakes for a long time, and I want to make them for Auntie!” The little girl replied innocently.

Then the little girl looked at her daddy innocently again. “Daddy can tell you, Estie learned and worked very hard for this! Isn’t it, Daddy?”

She said she wanted to express her gratitude. In fact, the little girl’s true intention was to create an opportunity for Auntie and Daddy to meet, so Auntie would accept her Daddy sooner.

‘But, I didn’t expect that my daddy didn’t even know how to grasp such a good opportunity, so I must help him! ’

Byron saw that the little girl suddenly shifted the attention to himself, he understood Estie’s intention almost instantly, and nodded in cooperation, “she pestered Mrs. Zora to teach her for a week, and Mrs. Zora said that she has done a good job.”

Seeing him speak, Rosalie nodded awkwardly, but her eyes still fell on the little girl. “Wow, Little Estie can make cakes at such a young age, it’s amazing!”

On the side, the two boys quickly caught on to little sister’s intentions, and proposed an idea on the spot. “We want to learn to make cakes too, will you teach US, little sister?”

Little Estie nodded sweetly.

The little boys turned around and looked at Rosalie and Byron pitifully. “But, we are afraid of messing up little sister’s cake, can Mommy and Uncle help US?”

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