My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Auntie Come Back And Eat It Later

At some point, the three little ones surrounded Byron as well.

Ever since Lucian and Nox accepted Byron, their admiration for him had also increased day by day.

Watching Daddy’s serious face, the little guys looked at each other with yearning in their eyes. They wondered if they will be as handsome as Daddy when they grow up.

At the end, the little boys turned their heads to look at Little Estie again. ‘I don’t know if it was an illusion. The profile of little sister seemed to look like our Mommy…’

For a moment, the atmosphere among them was harmonious.

Suddenly, Rosalie’s cell phone ringtone broke the silence.

Everyone looked at Rosalie at the same time.

Rosalie smiled apologetically at the kids, and looked down at the phone screen. ‘It’s Xander, I wonder what is going on.’

“Excuse me, I need to take a call.” Rosalie said to the kids, and then subconsciously glanced at the man who was still whisking seriously, turned and went to the living room.

The little ones looked at each other suspiciously, wondering who would call during the early morning of a weekend.

In the living room, Rosalie answered the phone. “Young Master Xander, what’s the matter?”

The living room was not far from the dining room, and Rosalie did not deliberately lower her voice, everyone in the dining room could hear her clearly.

The little guys turned their heads to look at Byron subconsciously, and wondered how Byron would react.

They saw that Byron had stopped stirring, and his eyebrows were slightly twisted.

At the same time, Xander’s voice slowly came through. “Miss Jacobs, do you have time today?”

Rosalie looked towards the dining room subconsciously, and when she realized what she was thinking, she frowned in frustration, turned around and asked, “What’s the matter? If it’s important, I can make time for it.”

“It’s like this, my grandfather said it’s been a long time since he saw you. He wanted to formally apologize to you about that past incident, and also he wanted to visit your research institute. If it’s inconvenient for you, we can do it another day.” Xander replied slowly.

When Rosalie heard that it was Old Master Lancer who wanted to see her, she had no reason to refuse and agreed immediately. ” Okay, then we’ll meet at the research institute later.”

Xander agreed.

The two made an appointment and hung up the phone.

Rosalie got up and went back to the restaurant, looking at Little Estie apologetically. “Estie, I’m sorry, Auntie may have to go out.”

Although the little girl overheard their conversation, when she heard Rosalie say this to her personally, all hopes were dashed, her disappointment was evident in her pout. “Auntie would not be eating my handmade cake anymore?”

‘I wanted Auntie to taste my handmade cake and practiced hard for a whole week…’

Rosalie couldn’t bear Estie’s sad face, but thought that if she was late, not only Xander would have to wait for her, but also Old Master Lancer.

Thinking of this, Rosalie could only helplessly pat the little girl’s head and sought her opinion. “Could Auntie come back and eat it later, is that okay?”

The little girl was reluctant.

On the side, Lucian and Nox had met Xander, and when they heard that Mommy got drunk with Uncle Xander last time, now he wanted to occupy Mommy’s weekend time, the boys became even more unhappy.

“Mommy, the cake is almost done, shall we finish it together?”

The little boys stood beside Rosalie and looked at their Mommy eagerly.

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