My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 818

Chapter 818 Will Be Done In Half An Hour

The little ones finished speaking, and then glanced at Byron anxiously. They hoped Daddy would say something.

Rosalie noticed their eyes as they stayed on Byron for a second.

The man did not appear to speak, which made her feel strange in some way.

“Mommy has made an appointment with Uncle Xander, so I can’t be late.” After a while, Rosalie looked away, and looked at the little ones, her tone was deeply apologetic.

From Mommy’s persistence, the little ones knew that they could not stop her, and their faces were all disappointed.

Rosalie felt apologetic in her heart over the disappointment etched on their little faces, but she had no choice, she gently touched their heads and said, “When you complete it, remember to leave a little for me so I can taste your baked goodies.” 1

After that, she turned and walked towards the door.

Just two steps away, she heard the man’s voice behind him.

“Since Miss Jacobs is leaving, let’s make the cake another day.”

Byron put down the mixer in his hand, and put down the cuff of his shirt, with a bit of sarcasm in his tone. “It seems that Young

Master Xander’s invitation is far more important in Miss Jacobs’ heart than the promise you made with the children.”

Hearing this, Rosalie stopped in her tracks and looked back at the man in confusion.

Byron glanced at her inexplicably. “What the children hoped for is that both of us will accompany them to complete it together. Since Miss Jacobs is leaving, it doesn’t make sense for me to accompany them by myself.”

Byron glanced plainly at the little ones.

The little ones looked increasingly at a loss.

‘I don’t know if it was my delusion, but I felt that the little ones looked at me with some grievances.’

‘It was as if they were asking me why I had to leave them halfway when they made an appointment with me first.’

“L.J’m going to this appointment, not because Young Master Xander’s invitation is more important… but because it is my job, and…” Rosalie opened her mouth, but unsure how to explain it, and could only come up with a weak line. 1

Before she could finish her words, Byron cut her off coldly. “So, you could not draw a boundary between work and family, Miss Jacobs? You could just break an agreement at will with the children because of work?”

Rosalie’s eyes flashed with embarrassment.

Just now when she heard Xander mention old Master Lancer, she instinctively felt that she could not keep old Master Lancer waiting, so she made an appointment in the morning.

‘However, that decision accidentally left the kids behind.’

Indeed, I agreed to the children’s invitation first…’

“I’m so sorry, it was my negligence, but I already made an appointment. Also, Grandpa Lancer will be there too, I can’t keep him waiting for a long time.” Rosalie apologized profusely.

Byron saw her helpless look, his eyes softened, and he said solemnly. “The cake will be completed in half an hour, maybe Miss Jacobs, can you explain the situation to Young Master Xander now?


Hearing this, the eyes of the little one lit up slightly, and hope rekindled on their little faces.

As Rosalie looked into their eyes, she hesitated for a moment, but finally took out her mobile phone and sent a message to Xander.

Rosalie: [I would be there half an hour later. Dr.Graham will receive you first.]

Fortunately, Xander quickly agreed.

After receiving his affirmative reply, Rosalie breathed a sigh of relief, and returned to the dining table, touched the heads of the little guys and apologized. “I’m so sorry, darlings. Let’s continue making cakes.”

The little ones sweetly nodded when they saw that she was willing to stay. Then, they put the cake batter into the oven together.

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