My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Does Auntie Dislike Estie?

Rosalie had been thinking about Estelle and only remembered that Xander was still waiting for her in the research institute when the little ones reminded her.

However, Rosalie still glanced at the door with concern. She could not help being worried about the little girl.

“Hurry up, Mommy,” the little ones urged in their cute voices.

At the same time, Xander’s call came in.

Rosalie frowned as she picked up the call. Then, she said apologetically, “I’m sorry. I’ll be there in a while.”

Meanwhile, Xander noticed the difference in Rosalie’s tone of voice and asked with concern, “what’s wrong?”

Just now, he was already worried when Rosalie suddenly told him she would be half an hour late.

Rosalie was about to tell him the reason. However, she heard old Master Lancer speaking to Yves from the other end of the call.

Hearing Old Master Lancer’s voice, Rosalie hesitated for a moment. Then, she smiled and said, “Nothing. I’ll head there now.”

Xander wanted to show his concern, but Rosalie brushed him off.

She wanted to wait at home for Estelle to return, but she had made Old Master Lancer wait so long for her that she could not stand him up again.

After hanging up the phone, Rosalie squatted down and caressed the little ones’ heads, “when Estie returns, apologize to her for me, okay?”

The little ones nodded obediently.

Finally, Rosalie got up and left.

Meanwhile, Byron found Estelle silently weeping in the villa’s garden.

Seeing him coming, the little one covered her eyes and sobbed.

“Estie, Daddy’s here,” Byron sighed silently and squatted before Estelle. Then, he touched Estelle’s head gently.

Estelle dodged and moved aside as she sobbed.

Looking at Estelle sadly crying and recalling how Rosalie had refused decisively, he felt troubled. 1

He did not expect Estelle to suddenly ask Rosalie that question.

At the same time, he never expected Rosalie to reject so bluntly.

Fortunately, he had not yet told the little one that Rosalie was her mother.

Otherwise, the little one would be devastated if she knew it was her mother who had rejected her request.

Since Estelle was still angry, Byron could say nothing to comfort her. Hence, he stood up and stayed beside her.

He thought Rosalie would come after them in a while.

After all, Rosalie might have rejected Estelle’s request, but she liked Estelle from the bottom of her heart.

However, Rosalie did not come even after they had waited for quite some time.

Byron’s expression turned gloomy.

Estelle was also thinking of the same thing, she wanted Rosalie to coax her. However, Rosalie did not come. Gradually, sadness surged through Estelle, and she sobbed.

Estelle lifted her head and looked at her daddy sadly. “Daddy, does Auntie dislike Estie?”

Rosalie would have coaxed her if Rosalie liked her.

Meeting Estelle’s sad gaze, Byron tried hard to suppress his dissatisfaction with Rosalie’s act. He comforted Estelle. “It’s all because of me. Auntie rejected you because she hasn’t accepted me.”

The little one’s eyes were still red. “Why did Auntie not come after me, then?”

Rosalie was always the first one to find her whenever she got lost.

Byron caressed Estelle’s hair. “Auntie might not have found you yet. Let’s go back and wait for her.”

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