My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 823

Chapter 823 Гт Telling the Truth

Meanwhile, at Rosalie’s house, Nox and Lucian eagerly took a variety of toys to Estie and put a table of snacks before her. Then, they sat beside Estelle.

Estelle drooped her eyes with her cheeks puffed, she looked moody.

The little boys looked at Estelle, and they looked at each other. They felt helpless, but they had promised their mommy they would coax Estelle for her.

Thinking of this, the little ones had no choice but to crack their brains to find a way.

After a long while, Lucian took a piece of tissue and handed it to Estelle. Then, he spoke with his cute voice, “Estie, don’t cry. If you like Mommy, you must try your best to help Daddy win Mommy’s heart!”

Lucian’s words attracted Estelle’s attention, she pursed her lips and looked at him.

Lucian wiped Estelle’s tears off her face and frowned. “We want to pull Mr. Byron and Mommy’s relationship closer, but Mr. Byron seems mad at Mommy again.”

Nox said, “It’s Mommy’s fault. However, if Mr. Byron is still mad at Mommy, our plan of getting them together and being a family might have to wait!”

Hearing this, Estelle looked anxious and forgot about how sad she was.

She blamed herself for throwing her tantrum. Her daddy would not be mad at Auntie if it were not because of her.

Thinking of this, the little girl lowered her head, feeling bad. “It’s all Estie’s fault.”

The little boys wanted to divert Estelle’s attention, but they did not expect it would make Estelle blame herself. They quickly blamed the matter on their parents. “It’s not Estie’s fault. It’s Mommy and Mr. Byron’s fault!”

Estelle was puzzled again.

Lucian explained calmly, “Mr. Byron wants to win Mommy’s heart, yet he’s always mad at Mommy. Mommy is also stubborn. Mr.

Byron has done many things for US, but Mommy still refuses to marry him.”

The topic of the three little ones soon changed from how to make Estelle happy to how to help the two adults get together.

At the same time, Rosalie pulled over slowly in front of the research institute.

She quickly headed inside the research institute.

Just as she walked into the building, she saw Xander and the others.

She was about to greet them, but she suddenly sneezed uncontrollably.

“Did you catch a cold, Dr. Jacobs?” Old Master Lancer asked concernedly.

Embarrassed, Rosalie smiled and said, “No, I’ve no idea why I sneezed suddenly.”

Then, she apologized immediately. “I’m sorry. Something came up just now, and I’ve let you wait for so long. Lunch is on me today.”

Old Master Lancer chuckled and said, “We didn’t wait for long. Dr. Graham has given US a tour of the research institute. It opened our minds. Dr. Graham even said you’ve contributed a lot to the development of this place.”

Rosalie was startled, she did not expect Yves to praise her before Old Master Lancer.

Yves smiled when his eyes met Rosalie’s and said, “I was just telling the truth.”

Meanwhile, Rosalie said modestly with a smile, “The institute was developing very well to begin with. I just solved a few troubles.”

Looking at the humble youngsters, Old Master Lancer put on an approving smile as he nodded. “Both of you have done a great job. I’m confident with the research institute’s progress as long as you’re around!”

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