My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 825

Chapter 825 It Is A Little strange

The rumors on the internet had spread widely. Yves could only post some statements on behalf of the research institute, yet they did not help much.

However, the rumors gradually faded out of a sudden. The situation even changed after Quentin’s interview the following day.

Now that Yves knew it was Byron who resolved the situation, he felt petty and low that he could not even help Rosalie.

Uneasiness overpowered him when he recalled the midnight when he saw Byron in Rosalie’s house.

He could guess the relationship between Rosalie and Byron was more intimate than expected since Byron was in her house at hours like that.

Aware of this, Yves felt the pressure of possibly losing the chance to win Rosalie’s heart.

He always thought that he could silently accompany Rosalie.

However, when he saw Rosalie with other men and became aware of the fact that she might even probably be dating someone, he knew he might not even stand a fair chance to get Rosalie. It made him realize he was not as selfless as he thought.

Old Master Lancer and Rosalie chatted for a while and got back to business.

“Dr. Jacobs, it’s rare to see a young woman like you who has great achievements in the medical field. It’s even more impressive that you’re Professor Luke’s favorite student. He stood up for you without hesitation. I can see how much he appreciates you.”

Rosalie answered with full respect for her teacher, “Professor Luke favors each of his students. I’m sure he’ll do the same if other students face the same trouble.”

Old Master Lancer looked at Rosalie with admiration as he said, “ You’re excellent. I’m sure you’ll be a future role model for your generation if you discover something in this project. Professor Luke will be proud of you.”

Rosalie smiled. “Thankyou, Grandpa Lancer. I’ll do my best in this project.”

Meanwhile, Yves subconsciously looked at Rosalie, who was sitting beside him. He was discouraged.

Rosalie was more outstanding than he was even now. she was out of his reach. If she got the opportunity to contribute to the project solely, the distance between them would be bigger.

Then, Yves frowned and said gently, “I want to take this opportunity to improve myself. Please feel free to look for me if you need my help in this project.”

Old Master Lancer had a good impression of Yves after the tour. When he heard Yves’ eagerness to join the project, he admired this young man more. “Dr. Graham, it’s great to hear that you’re willing to help. I’ll never have to worry about the future of the medical field in the country anymore with outstanding doctors like the two of you around.”

Old Master Lancer seemed to like Yves very much.

However, Xander noticed something strange in Yves’s sudden suggestion. He glanced at Yves meaningfully.

He remembered how strange it was for this man, who had always done things quietly in the research institute, to stand out suddenly.

Moreover, Xander had also noticed Yves looking at Rosalie again and again.

He would not believe that Yves had no other intention when Yves offered to help Rosalie.

However, Xander did not want to guess Yves’ intention.

Xander believed that if Yves were after the profits, he would eventually approach him.

Then, Xander lifted his eyebrow with interest and took the initiative to give a toast to Yves. “I’m grateful you’re willing to contribute to the project, Dr. Graham. Welcome to the team. Cheers.”

Yves accepted the toast readily and drank the wine in his glass.

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