My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 828

Chapter 828 The True Colors of That B*Tch

Andrea brushed Andrius off with a nod and returned to her room.

Seeing Andrea walking back to her room, Andrius headed downstairs. In the backyard, he saw Byron talking to old Master Quirke.

“I’m helping Dr. Jacobs, why are you thanking me?” old Master Quirke looked at Byron in a puzzle.

Byron, who had just started the conversation with him, began to thank him.

Byron was respectful when he spoke to old Master Quirke. He smiled and answered, “Dr. Jacobs is my acquaintance. I should thank you on behalf of her.”

Old Master Quirke said casually, “What I did was tell the truth.

After all, Dr. Jacobs saved my life. I only did such a tiny favor to repay her.”

Then, Old Master Quirke asked Byron about his marriage with Wendy, “When are you going to settle down with Wendy? Both of you have come to age, and Wendy is a girl, she can’t keep waiting for you.”

Byron’s gaze turned cold when old Master Quirke mentioned Wendy. However, he did not say anything about it and only smiled.

Andrius, who was nearby, heard his grandfather mentioning Byron’s marriage and quickly came to help Byron.

He diverted the topic, and Byron seemed to lose interest in chatting with Old Master Quirke. He was absent-minded throughout the conversation.

Old Master Quirke noticed Byron’s change and said, “I’m a little tired and want to return to my room to rest. You guys have fun.”

Byron and Andrius bid goodbye to old Master Quirke. Then, Andrius walked Byron to the gate before watching Byron leave.

When Andrius was back in the house, he saw his sister heading down the stairs, preparing to go out.

A panicked look flashed across her face when she saw Andrius. However, she quickly calmed herself down and said, “Brother, why are you back so soon? Has Byron left?”

Andrius looked at her and nodded, “where are you going?”

“I’m going shopping with my friend.” Andrea faked a smile, and she spoke as she passed by Andrius carefully while holding her bag, “I’ll excuse myself if you have nothing you want to say. My friend is waiting forme!”

Andrius frowned and reminded Andrea again, “Remember what I told you. Don’t ever think about doing anything bad! ”

Andrea grinned as she strode out of the villa.

In the cafe, Wendy put the cold cup of coffee on the table in front of her. She looked at her phone screen and sneered.

It was a photo of Rosalie, Xander, and the others when they walked out of the restaurant after lunch.

Four people were in the photo, but Rosalie was walking beside Xander. They even ignored old Master Lancer and seemed to be having a pleasant conversation.

The following photo was Xander opening the car door for Rosalie like he was trying to please her. Rosalie smiled as she got into the car. They looked like a couple.

Those photos and the photos on the internet were enough to prove something was happening between Rosalie and Xander. No one would believe it even if they denied it personally.

Looking at these photos, Wendy smirked as she thought.

‘That b*tch Rosalie is bold enough to seduce Byron and have an ambiguous relationship with Xander at the same time.

‘I’ll teach this btch a lesson since I got the evidence now.’ Wendy wanted Byron to see the true colors of that btch!

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