My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 830

Chapter 830 Fool Him Around

“Why not?” Andrea could not understand.

How would Byron see the photos if Wendy did not want to send them to him directly?

Moreover, Andrea knew Byron might have done more for Rosalie from what her brother said just now.

If they dragged on this matter, Rosalie and Byron might start dating.

Wendy despised Andrea for asking such a stupid question, but she suppressed her disdain.

“Byron knows I don’t like Rosalie. If I send these to him directly, he’ll suspect me even if it’s done anonymously!”

Andrea frowned, and she gradually calmed down. “What should we do, then? Are you going to watch that woman play the two men around?”

Wendy’s gaze turned cold. “I know what to do. I don’t have to send these photos to Byron to let him see them.”

Showing them to someone else might bring a better effect.

Andrea was still puzzled.

Wendy got up and left when she wanted to ask more about it.

Looking at Wendy leaving, Andrea frowned. She looked at the empty chair before her and felt a strange feeling rising in her.

She would share anything she knew about Byron and Rosalie with Wendy in detail.

However, she felt like a machine, reporting Rosalie’s latest updates to Wendy.

Meanwhile, Wendy never told her the plans she had.

Andrea had no idea what was going on in Wendy’s mind.

After walking out of the cafe, Wendy got into the car and did not start the engine. She sat in it and tapped on her phone screen expressionlessly.

Soon, the word ‘sent’ popped out on the screen.

Then, Wendy sat in the car for a while. When it was almost time, she started the car and headed back to the Lawrence family’s house.

Wendy was eager to return home to watch Melody’s expression after she received the message.

Meanwhile, Melody was leisurely doing her yoga at home. Suddenly, the phone she placed on the table buzzed.

Without thinking much, Melody picked it up and took a glance. She saw a series of unknown numbers that had sent her a few photos.

Melody frowned and got up. Then, she sat on the sofa and tapped to open the message.

In the first few photos, she saw her son, Rosalie, and the three kids in them. It was nighttime, and they were outside a concert hall, looking happy.

The following photos were of Rosalie talking happily with Xander.

After scrolling through these photos, Melody’s hand started trembling in anger.

She had told her son to stay away from that woman countless times.

However, she could see that her son did not listen to her from the photos. He gave Rosalie a chance to fool him around.

As Melody’s anger grew, Wendy walked into the house casually. When she saw Melody’s expression, she was satisfied. However, she quickly hid her grin and approached Melody with concern.

“Auntie, what’s the matter? why are you so angry?”

Hearing Wendy’s voice, Melody snapped out of her anger. She saw the obedient and pretty face before her and recalled Rosalie in the photos. Rage overpowered her.

However, she could only try to conceal the truth for the sake of her son before her future daughter-in-law. Hence, she brushed Wendy off by saying, “I’m fine. Go ahead and rest in your room. I have something to settle.”

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