My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Have Proof

Wendy knew what Melody was planning to do, so she agreed obediently and headed upstairs.

Melody’s expression turned cold again after Wendy headed to her room. She took out her phone and called Byron.

“Yes, Mom?” Byron had just walked out of the Quirke family’s place and was about to head to his company. He was puzzled when he received a sudden call from his mother.

Melody’s voice sounded displeased from the other end of the call. “ Where are you now?”

Byron frowned and answered honestly, “I’m heading to the company.”

Melody ordered coldly, “I’ll ask your father to take over whatever you are going to do now. Come back home immediately! ”

Byron’s eyebrows furrowed upon hearing his mother’s angry voice, and he wanted to ask further, but his mother had already hung up the call.

A flurry of suspicion rose within Byron as he looked at the dark phone screen. However, he still headed back to his parents’ place.

“Sir, Madam Lawrence is waiting for you.” As soon as Byron arrived, the butler welcomed him and reminded Byron. “Madam isn’t in a good mood. Please tolerate her.”

Byron nodded and strode toward the living room.

As soon as he entered the house, he saw his mother sitting on the sofa with her head leaning on her arm.

She looked angry.

“Mom, why do you want to meet me so urgently?” Byron prepared himself and sat on the sofa beside her.

Melody lifted her head and glanced at him as if she had just noticed him. “So, you do know that I’m your mother? why didn’t you listen to my advice then?”

Byron frowned, having no idea why his mother was saying that.

Seeing her son’s puzzled expression, Melody flared up. “what’s going on between you and Rosalie?! ”

Byron frowned. “She’s Estie’s birth mother.”

Melody could no longer suppress the anger surging in her when Byron spoke up for Rosalie. “That’s why I am asking you to stay away from her. she could even dump her daughter back then, why do you care about a woman like her?”

Byron thought his mother wanted to talk to him about his marriage with Wendy again. Unexpectedly, this time, she called him back to lecture him about Rosalie’s matter.

Byron frowned and explained, “It’s a misunderstanding.”

“What misunderstanding?” Melody asked coldly.

Byron frowned and remained silent.

He only knew there was a misunderstanding in this matter, but he had not investigated it entirely and had no idea about the details.

He could not explain anything to his mother.

Melody’s voice became colder. “That woman will do anything for benefits. She might have dumped Estie because Estie had hindered her from pursuing her dreams.”

Byron’s expression turned gloomy. “I know what kind of a person she is more than you do. I understand you dislike her, but please don’t accuse her of what she hasn’t done.”

He knew his mother disliked Rosalie because of what had happened six years ago.

However, he did not expect his mother to accuse Rosalie of something she had not done.

His mother retorted, “I have proof!”

Melody looked at her son with displeasure.

Byron frowned and looked at his mother, confused. He was curious about the proof his mother mentioned.

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