My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Set Foot in This House Again

Melody wanted to keep it a secret from Wendy. However, Wendy happened to encounter the situation. Hence, she could only divert the topic to something better. “What’s wrong with Wendy? When are you going to accept her?”

When Melody mentioned her, Wendy glanced at Byron subconsciously and smiled. “It’s alright. I don’t want Byron to force himself to marry me.”

Then, Wendy lowered her head, feeling wronged.

Melody felt sorry for Wendy upon hearing Wendy’s sensible answer, she looked at her son with anger, blaming him for it.

Byron frowned and said coldly, “I didn’t ask her to wait. I ’vé made things clear before. It’s you who are making her wait.”


Melody was so angry that she wanted to scold Byron again, but Wendy interrupted.

“Auntie, please calm down. Byron… knows what he’s doing. You don’t have to do this for me. Leave this matter to Byron to decide.”

Wendy looked at Byron with an understanding smile. Then, she turned around and appeased Melody.

Since Wendy had said so, Melody could say nothing more, but she felt it was unfair to Wendy.

Byron, however, did not show any gratitude. He glanced at Wendy and finally looked at his mother. “I’ll make the decisions on my marriage. You don’t have to worry about it. Take care of yourself.” Then, Byron walked out of the house after speaking.

Wendy looked at Byron leaving disappointedly, and she lowered her head sadly.

Melody noticed Melody’s disappointment.

She let go of Wendy’s hand and called out to her son, “It was a mistake that Rosalie married you in the first place. She might have realized it herself and left. Why are you still stubborn about getting herback?”

Byron’s footsteps paused.

Melody continued. “Rosalie cruelly abandoned Estie years ago, yet she could raise her two kids well. Doesn’t this mean she has no feelings for you?”

Every word of his mother’s words stuck in his mind.

His mood sank, and his expression turned gloomy.

“That woman might have fooled you, but she can’t fool me. No matter what you think of her, I’ll never agree to let her marry you again.”

Melody’s face flushed red in anger. 1

Wendy quickly held Melody by her arm.

At the door, Byron only stopped for a while and left without saying anything.

Looking at him closing the villa’s door, Melody frowned and looked at Wendy with concern. “You must have suffered a lot these few years. Don’t worry, what’s yours will always be yours. I’ll never let anyone snatch away your position as Byron’s wife.” Wendy nodded gratefully. “Thank you, Auntie.”

Then, she sneered and said bitterly, “However, I don’t think we can force things to happen. If Byron likes Miss Jacobs so much…”

Before she could finish her words, Melody interrupted. “Byron will notice Rosalie’s malicious intention of approaching him one day!”

Even if love had blinded her son, she would not allow Rosalie to set foot in their house again!

Wendy was pleased to see Melody’s attitude toward Rosalie, but she hid her expression well.

As she expected, Melody hated Rosalie more because of the photos she had sent.

With Melody’s disapproval, Wendy would not need to worry about that b*tch, Rosalie, marrying Byron again.

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