My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 834

Chapter 834 Easy To Coax

It was nearly dark when Rosalie returned from the research institute.

On the way back, Rosalie thought Byron was still at her house, and she was nervous.

When she got home, she only saw the three little ones sitting on the sofa, watching the computer.

Rosalie looked around the living room subconsciously, but there was no sign of that man.

“Mommy! ” The little ones called out when they saw her and obediently approached.

Rosalie smiled and caressed their hair as she asked in a puzzle, “ Where’s Mr. Byron?”

“Mr. Byron left this morning. We asked him to leave Estie with US to wait for you to return from work! ”

Rosalie smiled and looked at Estie, who was behind the little boys.

Unlike her usual enthusiasm for Rosalie, Estelle stood behind the little boys timidly and did not even greet Rosalie today.

It seemed Estelle was still mad about what had happened that morning.

Realizing this, Rosalie squatted down and looked into the little girl’s eyes. “Estie, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I wanted to say…”

Estelle had already planned to forgive Rosalie after the little boys coaxed her all day.

However, when she saw Rosalie, she felt sadness surging in her.

Listening to Rosalie’s apology, Estelle asked cautiously as she blinked her eyes, “why did you leave, then?”

The little one had figured out that Auntie did not agree to be her mommy because she had not accepted her daddy yet.

However, she could not figure out why Rosalie left the house even when Rosalie knew she was angry.

She would have been happy if Rosalie had said something to comfort her.

Last time, Rosalie was the first to find her. However, this time, Rosalie left just like that. Estelle felt disappointed with the drastic change.

Rosalie felt sorry for Estelle. “I’m sorry. I had important work to do this morning. I promise I’ll never make you upset again. Please forgive me.”

The little girl just stared at her wistfully.

Rosalie promised seriously. “I’ll be there whenever you need me! ”

The little one’s eyes gradually lit up with joy, and she cuddled into Rosalie’s embrace.

Looking at Estelle, who was back to being herself again, Rosalie felt her heart melting.

She thought Estelle would not forgive her easily. Unexpectedly, Estelle was easy to coax.

Then, Rosalie felt a soft touch on her face.

She was surprised and looked at Estelle.

Estelle was happy about successfully kissing Rosalie.

Rosalie’s heart melted upon seeing the expression on the little one’s face, and she kissed Estelle.

Estelle did not expect Rosalie would kiss her and looked surprised.

Then, her eyes lit up in joy.

“Mommy only kisses Estie. We’re jealous,” Seeing Mommy and Estelle happy again, Nox and Lucian laughed and quipped.

Rosalie chuckled and kissed each of the little ones on their faces.

The little ones smiled with satisfaction.

Rosalie stood up and touched Estelle’s head as she asked, “Did your Daddy say when he would pick you up?”

The little girl shook her head and realized she did not know when her daddy would pick her up.

Daddy just told her to stay with Lucian and Nox. Then, he left without saying anything else.

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