My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Why Is It You?

Seeing the little one shaking her head, Rosalie was troubled.

Rosalie could guess Byron was angry even if she did not see him that morning.

Rosalie felt a little guilty about calling and asking Byron when he would pick up Estelle.

“If Daddy doesn’t come, can I sleep with Auntie today?” The little girl looked at Rosalie eagerly.

Rosalie snapped out of her thoughts and chuckled as she caressed Estelle’s head. “Daddy will come.”

Estelle became moody as soon as Rosalie said that.

Seeing this, Rosalie smiled and agreed. “Alright! You can sleep with me if your daddy doesn’t come to pick you up today.”

The little one’s face beamed with joy again.

Rosalie looked at the time and suggested, “I didn’t taste the cake you made this morning. Let’s make more!”

The little ones nodded happily and followed her into the dining room.

Rosalie sets the materials on the dining table.

It was more relaxing with only her and the kids playing around as they made the cakes without Byron’s help.

When the cake was ready, the little ones spread it with cream as they did in the morning.

Rosalie divided each cake into four small pieces and placed their creations on each person’s plate.

This time, the process went much smoother than in the morning, and the little ones ate happily.

After eating the cake, Rosalie played with the little ones.

It was nearly nine o’clock, and the little ones were yawning. However, there was no sign of Byron coming to fetch Estelle.

“Auntie, is Daddy not coming? Let’s go to sleep, then.” Estelle was so tired that she could not open her eyes. She tugged Rosalie’s clothes gently as she suggested.

Rosalie hesitated for a moment upon the little one’s suggestion.

She could see the little one was sleepy. However, she was unsure if Byron would come to pick Estelle up.

Rosalie hesitated to take out her phone and wanted to call Byron and ask him about this.

She would put Estelle to sleep if he was not coming.

A loud honking noise came from the gate when she found Byron’s phone number in her contact list.

Moments later, the doorbell rang.

Everyone looked at the villa’s door subconsciously and thought it was Byron.

Estelle pursed her lips unhappily, she wanted to sleep with Rosalie and not her daddy.

Rosalie turned off her phone screen and looked at the door with a complicated gaze. After hesitating for a few seconds, she headed to get the door.

“Miss Jacobs.”

Luther, who was at the door, greeted her respectfully.

Seeing the man outside her house, Rosalie was startled, she felt strange and relieved at the same time. “Why is it you?”

Estelle grabbed Rosalie’s clothes and lifted her head as she asked Luther, “Mr. Luther, where’s Daddy?”

Luther looked at Rosalie, then at Estelle. He was shocked to see that the girl and Rosalie looked so alike. Then, he smiled and answered, “Master is busy at work and realized he had left Little Lady here. He wanted to pick her up personally, but he was too busy to leave. So, he sent me here.”

Then, he stretched his hand at Estelle as he said, “Little Lady, let’s go back home.”

The little one shook her head unwillingly and hid behind Rosalie. She looked at Rosalie with her big, sparkling eyes.

Her eyes were sparkling with hope.

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