My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 836

Chapter 836 Let’s Go Back

Rosalie noticed the little girl’s gaze but did not react immediately.

Luther’s remarks just now clearly indicated that Byron was busy with work.

As the president of Lawrence Corporation, Byron being busy with work was indeed normal.

However, she had the feeling that Luther’s words were more pointed at herself.

‘He means to say that I’m always busy with work, so I end up neglecting the little ones.’

The words Byron asked her in the morning rang in her ears again.

‘In my heart, is work really that important?’

Rosalie asked herself, ‘On the one hand, I work so hard because I really love my profession. On the other hand, this is also to give the boys a better life.

‘I clearly had the intention of doing what’s good for them, but in the end, all this seems to be self-defeating.’

“Auntie…” Seeing that she had not responded for a long time, Estie could not help it and tugged at the hem of her clothes. “I don’t wanna go back.”

Rosalie snapped back to her senses and glanced down at the little girl.

Looking at the little one’s clear and innocent eyes, Rosalie felt soft­hearted for a while, but she had to persuade her. “Estie, it’s so late now. Uncle Luther came all the way just to pick you up. You should go with Uncle Luther.”

The little girl questioned pitifully. “But what we just agreed on was that I’d go back only if it was Daddy who came, otherwise, I’d be with Daddy.”

Rosalie could not help but feel a little surprised at the girl’s response.

‘I have to say, this little one is indeed Byron’s daughter.’

Although the little girl did not speak for a long time because of her speech issues, it did not affect her eloquence after her condition improved.

“But it was Daddy who asked Uncle Luther to pick you up.” Rosalie squatted down and looked at the little one, amused.

The little girl pursed her lips and insisted, saying, “No, I want Daddy to pick me up!”

After that, she turned her head and gave Luther a pitiful look.

Looking at the sight of the little lady, Luther’s heart softened into a puddle. He could not say anything to refuse.

However, when he thought about Young Master’s orders, he dared not defy him.

For a while, Luther’s face was full of distress, so he could only look to Rosalie for help. “Miss Jacobs, this…”

Rosalie smiled at him reassuringly and looked into Estie’s eyes seriously. “Estie darling, please listen to Uncle Luther. It’s so late now. If you’re still not home, Daddy will be worried.”

If it was like before, Rosalie might bite the bullet and get the little girl to stay the night.

However, due to what happened in the morning, plus the fact that she had already made clear Byron’s relationship with her, Rosalie had no reason to do so.

‘I can only feel sorry for the little girl.’

Seeing that Auntie insisted on making her go home, the little girl lowered her eyes aggrievedly.

“Mommy, let US talk to Little Estie.” Lucian and Nox looked at each other and suggested in their impish voices.

Hearing this, Rosalie remembered that these two little ones had managed to persuade Estie before and agreed with a fluke.

The boys took Estie into the living room.

Rosalie only saw them whispering mysteriously while taking a few glances at her. After a while, Estie nodded earnestly and walked toward the door.

“Uncle Luther, let’s go back!”

The little girl took the initiative to grab the hem of Luther’s clothes.

Luther could not react for a while when he saw the little lady change her mind so easily, and after a stunned moment, he quickly agreed. He bade goodbye to Rosalie and left with the little girl.

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