My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 840

Chapter 840 Know What She’s Going To Say

Estie’s routine had always been regular.

When she was at Rosalie’s house earlier, she was already sleepy and in a daze at nine o’clock, she only woke up a little on the way back.

As she had been sitting on the sofa for too long, although she wanted to wait for Daddy to come back, she could not help but feel sleepy and slowly closed her eyes.

Mrs. Zora also knew the little girl’s routine very well. She saw the little girl’s head begin to droop little by little, she hurriedly walked up to her, ready to carry the child at any time.

Just as she expected, in just a few minutes, the little one fell asleep completely, and her body slumped to the side.

Fortunately, Mrs. Zora was already prepared, she took the little girl into her arms and carefully carried her upstairs.

Mrs. Zora came out of the little girl’s room and glanced at the time. It was already late at night.

She thought about how stubborn the little girl was just now. It seemed that she really had something important to tell the young master.

Mrs. Zora took out her mobile phone and was just about to call Byron when there was a sudden movement downstairs.

Mrs. Zora looked around, only to see Byron stride in from the outside wrapped in a chill. The workload at night seemed really heavy, so much so that when he arrived home, his eyebrows were still tightly furrowed.

“Young Master, Little Lady waited for you all night. She just fell asleep.” Mrs. Zora called out cautiously and walked downstairs to greet him. She helped Byron get his coat.

Byron frowned as he heard this.

After Luther picked up the little one from Rosalie’s house, he rushed back to the company as soon as possible.

He heard from Luther’s accounts and found out that Estie had already forgiven the woman and was reluctant to leave her house.

‘But I can’t forgive her.

‘1 can more or less guess what the little one wanted to tell me while waiting for me to come home.

‘At least for now, I don’t want to hear the little girl say nice things for the woman.’

The proximity between the woman and Xander had become more and more misleading.

‘Whether it’s because of the children or because of my own intentions, I want to teach the woman a lesson.’

Thinking of this, Byron just nodded to Mrs. Zora with a blank expression. He then picked up his feet and walked upstairs.

Mrs. Zora saw that her young master did not seem to respond to what she said and quickly added again. “Little Lady seems to have something important to tell you. Do you want to go see her?”

Byron refused indifferently. “No. I know what she’s going to say.”

After speaking, he went straight into the bedroom.

As she looked at the back of her young master, Mrs. Zora could not say anything else, she just looked at Estie’s room, feeling distressed. 1

‘It’s the first time I saw the little lady like this. I wonder what she wanted to tell the young master…’

Byron went back to his bedroom, took a thorough shower, came out of the bathroom, and glanced at the news of the day habitually before going to bed.

As soon as he clicked on the news, he saw the overwhelming public opinion about Heronial Corporation on the internet.

He frowned at the public opinion.

He did not know anything else regarding the scandal. However, due to the sale of illegal drugs by Heronial Corporation and the leakage of bacteria from Heronial’s biological laboratory, he presumed that only people in the pharmaceutical industry would know such information.

Byron’s first thought was that it was a former employee of Heronial Corporation behind this.

After some consideration, he remembered the conversation he had with Andrius today. Compared to the likelihood of it being done by a former employee, this method was more like Andrius’ work.

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