My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 841

Chapter 841 Don’t Know What To Think

At the Quirke household.

Tn order to stir up public opinion, Andrius had carefully planned this for a whole day.

Even the past misdeeds from the Heronial Corporation had been dug up by him.

‘I don’t believe that Lancer Corporation would still take the risk to cooperate with Heronial Corporation after the latter’s reputation had been ruined.’

‘By then, when Heronial Corporation is abandoned by the Lancer Corporation, they could only turn around and crawl back to Lawrence Corporation.’

‘If we want to acquire Heronial, it will be much easier than before! ’

With this idea in mind, Andrius monitored the trend of public opinion on the Internet in real time, all day long.

When he saw that the public opinion had not reached his expectations by nearly midnight, he was a little dissatisfied.

His initial expectation was that the entire Coast City would know what the Heronial Corporation had done.

At that time, in order to avoid being dragged through the mud, Lancer Corporation, who had an agreement with Heronial Corporation, would have to cut their losses.

After looking at the public opinion on the Internet, Andrius frowned and made a call.

“President Quirke, do you have more instructions?” A respectful male voice came from the other end.

Andrius said coldly, “Is this the only thing you have got on Heronial Corporation?”

The man hurriedly denied. “We still have a lot of unsavory misdeeds here, but considering that we want to give the greatest impact against Heronial, I thought of releasing these materials bit by bit, you see…”

Hearing this, Andrius pondered for a moment, “what other materials are there? Send them to me, I want to have a look.”

The other party agreed quickly.

After a while, a pile of evidence about Heronial Corporation’s sale of counterfeit and smuggled medicines was sent to Andrius’s mobile phone.

Andrius squinted his eyes and coldly ordered, “Release these all in one go, don’t give Heronial any room to breathe.”

‘Today’s public opinion must have given Heronial Corporation a reminder. If these materials were not disclosed now and waited until tomorrow morning, I’m afraid Heronial Corporation will have destroyed their connection to it.’

‘By then, if we release these materials again, they will only become a powerful weapon for Heronial to bite US back.’

After being reminded by Andrius, the person on the other end of the phone quickly realized the risk and agreed immediately.

Not long after they hung up, a bunch of negative news about Heronial Corporation broke out on the Internet.

Online public opinion had also reached its peak.

Some people have seriously questioned Heronial because of the sudden bursts of rumors, and asked Heronial to make mental compensation to them.

Another side of the coin was with Heronial Corporation and urged the company to come forth and dispute the rumors.

As part of the public urged Heronial Corporation to respond, Andrius only thought it was ridiculous.

‘Heronial Corporation is probably in a rut right now, thinking about how to make a comeback. How would they have time to read these public opinions?’

‘Even if they’d have read it, they can’t come up with strong evidence to refute it, and it’s just adding fuel to the fire!’

Just when he looked at his victory with satisfaction, the phone suddenly rang, and Byron’s caller ID popped up on the screen.

Seeing his best friend’s phone call, Andrius knew to some extent that he must have seen the tremors he created.

‘But, I don’t know what Byron thinks of his actions.’

Thinking of this, Andrius suppressed the complacency in his heart and answered the phone. “Hello, Byron, what’s the matter?”

On the other end, Byron was on the phone while looking at the public opinion on the Internet. Then, he saw that the Internet suddenly broke out with more evidence of misdeeds, there was a trace of irony in his eyes.

‘That little woman had always been proud of herself as a doctor and took medical ethics very seriously.’

‘I don’t know what she would think if the pharmaceutical company she will be working with had done so many things that crossed the line covertly.’

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