My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 845

Chapter 845 Face That Launched A Thousand Ships

Xander’s complexion sank completely after he ordered his assistant to sort out this matter.

He originally signed with Heronial Corporation with little to no effort, but now, thanks to Byron, he had to pay so much for nothing.

‘If Byron knew about this, I am afraid he would laugh out loud! ’

However, Xander still cannot figure it out, why did Byron suddenly do such a thing?

‘If he simply wanted to teach Heronial Corporation a lesson about breaking the contract before, why wait until now?’

‘With the strength of the Lawrence Corporation, he could have stopped this matter before they signed the contract.’

For a moment, Xander could not think of any other reason.

Just as he frowned, the phone lit up again.

Xander glanced down, and when he saw the caller ID, oddness flashed across his eyes, and he raised his hand to pick it up. “Miss Jacobs, why did you suddenly call me so late?”

On the other end, Rosalie’s expression was conflicted. “You should know about the Heronial Corporation matter by now, right?”

Xander answered noncommittally. “Director Spiros called me just now, and I have promised to help them.”

Rosalie could not help but be stunned for a moment.

‘Judging from the scandalous materials released about Heronial Corporation, if it were up to me, I would definitely terminate the contract without hesitation, so as not to let Heronial Corporation affect the future projects.’

‘Moreover, since Heronial Corporation was capable of many illegal things, it is difficult to guarantee that Heronial Corporation will be honest in providing them with medicinal materials in the future cooperation process.’

‘If there is a problem in one of the links, it will bring immeasurable losses to the project!*

As if he knew her concerns, Xander reassured her in a deep voice. ” The truth of the black material on the Internet is uncertain, since we have chosen to cooperate with Heronial Corporation, we have to believe them, even if it is true, I will help this time. They will also think about today’s affairs in the future, and wouldn’t dare play tricks with US.”

Rosalie was still a little hesitant.

After all, what Heronial Corporation did before was very inconsistent with her medical ethics.

‘However, after some thoughts, Xander was not only the heir of a medical family, but also a businessman, and it was understandable to put financial interests first.’

‘And since I chose to participate in this project, I naturally have to follow Xander’s direction.’

Thinking like this, Rosalie could only suppress the discomfort in her heart, pursed her lips and smiled. “If that’s the case, then that’s great. I called to talk about this, since you already know, then I won’t get involved. If there is anything I need to do, Young Master Xander can call at any time.”

Xander nodded and agreed. “My pleasure, Ms. Jacobs.”

The both of them cut the call short and hung up the phone.

The mobile phone screen in Xander’s hand quickly turned off, and the black screen reflected the haze in Xander’s eyes.

Rosalie’s phone call just now reminded him that Rosalie seemed to be involved in the conflict between President Lawrence and Heronial Corporation.

‘Not long ago, Rosalie agreed to be Heronial Corporation’s technical advisor.’

‘Immediately afterwards, Heronial Corporation was exposed to this series of scandals.’

Xander was more inclined to believe Byron did this for Rosalie, rather than for revenge toward Heronial.

‘So Rosalie was the face that launched a thousand ships for him.’

‘This kind of thing actually happens to President Byron Lawrence.’

Thinking of this, a trace of irony flashed across Xander’s eyes.

‘If the reason is really what I expected, then I have to take Rosalie’s polite words just now very seriously.’

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