My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 846

Chapter 846 Estie Have Something To Say

The next morning.

Byron slept late last night because he was concerned about Heronial Corporation’s public reputation, and woke up later than usual in the morning.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw an angry little girl standing at his door with fury written on her little face.

‘Without a doubt, I know that the little one is angry because I didn’t go to her after I came back last night.’

Byron deeply frowned, irritated, but could not turn a blind eye to the little one, so he just asked casually. “Estie, is there anything wrong? You are here to see Daddy so early.”

The little girl raised her head, angrily looked at her daddy. “Daddy is a big baddie! Daddy don’t care about Estie at all!”

Hearing this, Byron raised his eyebrows in surprise. He did not expect the little girl to come to such a conclusion.

“Why do you say that?” Although he knew the truth, Byron still pretended to be indifferent.

Estie puffed out her cheeks, and the anger on her face gradually turned into grievance. “Grandma Zora said, you came back last night.”

The little girl waited for Daddy until she fell asleep last night, and was very upset with him.

‘I thought Daddy would check on me when he came back, but he didn’t.’

When she woke up in the morning, the little girl thought he did not come back at all last night, and she felt a little distressed for her daddy.

Unexpectedly, when she went downstairs to ask Grandma Zora, Grandma Zora told her that Daddy came back last night!

The distress in the little girl’s heart quickly turned into anger, she turned back upstairs, stood at Byron’s bedroom door, and waited to question him.

Having said that, if Byron pretends to be aloof again, the little girl will probably cry in anger.

As Byron realized this, he frowned helplessly, leaned over and touched the little girl’s head. “Daddy was too tired last night, so I went back to the room to rest as soon as I came back, and didn’t see you.”

The little girl stared at him suspiciously for a while.

There was nothing strange on Byron’s face.

Seeing this, the little girl forced herself to calm down and grabbed her Daddy’s shirt aggrievedly. “But, Estie had something to tell Daddy yesterday.”

In the end, he still could not evade the little girl’s topic.

He sighed silently.

‘If I knew Andrius’ actions beforehand, I might listen to the little girl-’

But right now, he had done something that may trouble the woman. If he listened to this little girl trying to speak for the woman now, he was afraid that he would regret it.

Thinking like this, Byron took the little girl’s hand off his shirt as if nothing had happened, touched her head and said, “Daddy is in a hurry to go to the company, if there is anything else, wait until Daddy is done, okay?”

After that, Byron did not wait for the little girl to react, he straightened up and walked around the little girl.

Estie watched her daddy disappearing in front of her eyes, she reacted slowly, then anxiously trotted behind her daddy as fast her little legs could take her. “But…Estie won’t take up too much time, Daddy wait for me…please…”

Byron’s eyebrows knitted together, and turned a deaf ear to the little girl’s voice.

Downstairs, Mrs. Zora was puzzled as she watched the two come down one after the other, her young master was expressionless, and the young lady looked anxious.

“Master, the Little Lady asked about…” Mrs. Zora guessed why the little girl was anxious, and cautiously opened her mouth to explain.

Halfway through her words, she saw the little figure behind her young master lose her balance and almost roll down the stairs.

“Little Lady!” Aunt Zora exclaimed and ran quickly toward the little girl.

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