My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 847

Chapter 847 Auntie Already Apologized

Byron felt a sudden silence for a moment, then he caught sight of Mrs. Zora’s expression and turned around immediately.

When he saw the little one, his heart sank suddenly. He stretched out his hand to hold the little girl firmly. “Be careful, darling.”

When little lady was carried into the young master’s arms, Mrs. Zora was relieved.

Although the step the little girl stood on was mere inches away from the ground, she was so physically small, if she really fell, there was no guarantee that she would be okay.

Estie was desperate to catch up to Daddy and missed a step. The moment she realized she tripped; the little girl was so frightened that she could not even make a sound.

Although she was saved by Daddy’s embrace now, the little girl felt more and more aggrieved.

‘Why didn’t Daddy wait for me…’

Thinking so, the little girl raised her eyes aggrievedly and looked at her Daddy. “Daddy, you were walking too fast, I can’t catch up.”

Byron brows twisted slightly. He knew that the child blamed him for walking too fast and not waiting for her, so the little girl tripped.

“Daddy has been very busy these two days, I already told you.” With a deep headache, Byron met the little girl’s eyes, and his heart was helpless.

This little one, to put it bluntly, just wanted to stand up for the woman.

It was the first time he knew that his little girl was so stubborn.

The expression on the little girl’s face became more and more aggrieved.

She almost fell just now, but from Daddy’s expression, he was obviously not ready to listen to her.

‘If this dragged on like this, I don’t know when Daddy and Auntie will be able to be together…’

Byron looked at his daughter’s wrinkled little face aggrieved, and sighed silently in his heart.

He still has no way around this little guy.

“Okay, Daddy will listen to you, but we only have three minutes. After three minutes, Daddy needs to go.”

Hearing this, the little girl’s eyes brightened slightly, she nodded innocently, and immediately asked, “Did Daddy get mad at Auntie yesterday?”

Byron nodded noncommittally.

His anger from yesterday was almost written on his face. If he denied it, this little one probably wouldn’t believe him.

Estie puffed out her cheeks and acted coquettishly. “Then Daddy please forgive Auntie, okay? Auntie already apologized to Estie last night!”

Byron frowned slightly, unsure what the little girl’s logic was.

‘If the woman had apologized to the little girl, then he would have to forgive the woman as well?’

Although he was really angry because of the woman’s attitude toward Estie, he did not rule out the reason for the woman’s attitude toward him.

Estie relented. “Auntie really knows she is wrong. If Daddy doesn’t forgive Auntie, Estie will be very sad!”

Seeing the little guy’s serious look, he helplessly raised his eyebrows, “I see, Daddy forgive her.”

‘If he didn’t let this go today, the little one probably wouldn’t let me leave.’

Estie was still a little suspicious, and stared at him suspiciously for a while.

Byron did not give the little girl too much time to react, so he put her on the ground and said solemnly, “Three minutes is up, Daddy needs to go to work now, you be good at home, okay?”

Estie saw that her Daddy was just humoring her. she felt a little anxious, and wanted to keep him by her side.

Byron reached out, touched her head, then turned and left. Before leaving, he did not forget to tell Mrs. Zora to take care of the little one.

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