My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 850

Chapter 850 still Reluctant


Just when Rosalie doubted herself, Lucian and Nox’s little voice was heard.

The little boys waited in the dining room for a while, but they did not see their Mommy coming back. They thought it was Daddy who came with little sister, and ran out excitedly.

However, when they saw the man on the sofa, the little boys1 eyes almost instantly filled with vigilance.

Although they have only seen Xander once, the little boys had a deep impression of the man.

They were worried that Uncle Xander would steal Mommy away from Daddy, and they knew that Daddy and Mommy had an unpleasant quarrel yesterday because of Uncle Xander.

Now that Xander came to find their Mommy so early in the morning, the little boys had to be on guard.

When Xander saw the little boys come out, he smiled at them casually, got up and said, “Hello boys! I didn’t prepare a present for you when we met last time. To make up for it, I bought it and kept it in the car. I thought I would hand it to you when we meet again. Hold on, uncle will go get it now.”

After speaking, he stepped out of the villa and went to his car to get the gifts he prepared for the little boys earlier.

Watching him go out, the little boys cautiously got close to their mommy, and asked her innocently. “Mommy, why did Uncle Xander come here so early?”

Rosalie put away the complicated thoughts in her mind, and forced a smile to the little boys. “Oh, nothing, it’s just a work thing, you don’t have to worry about it.”

‘It’s a work thing again.’

The little boys looked at each other. Yesterday, Uncle Xander also used work as an excuse to take Mommy away. Daddy and Mommy were unhappy because of this.

“Then, is Mommy going to go out to work today? You agreed to take us out today!” The little boys looked at their mommy pretending to be aggrieved.

Ever since they returned to Coast city, Rosalie would take one day a week just to spend time with the little ones. They would go out, have some fun and relax.

Yesterday, she was called by Xander for a visit to the research institute, so the family day out was postponed today.

Although Rosalie was worried over how the Heronial Corporation scandal broke out yesterday, she did not intend to affect the little boys’ mood because of it, and planned to take them out as usual.

‘I never expected Xander would come over early in the morning.’

‘So much so that I couldn’t determine today’s itinerary.’

The little boys did not wait for their Mommy’s answer, and bowed their heads pitifully.

Rosalie noticed their disappointment and patted their heads apologetically. “Sorry, if there is nothing important, Mommy will try not to go out, and even if I had to go out, I will come back soon, okay?”

The little boys were still reluctant.

Now they do not even want to let Mommy and Uncle Xander stay alone for one more minute, let alone go out together.

Rosalie was oblivious to what the boys were thinking, just thought that they would be angry because she could not have fun with them. So, she tried to comfort them as much as possible.

Just as she was comforting the little boys, Xander walked in from the door with gifts.

“Uncle asked your Mommy and knew that you boys were interested in Lego, so I bought this for you. I don’t know if you’d like it or not.”

The two little boys did not like him, but they had basic courtesy to be polite.

When they heard Xander’s voice, the little boys turned around and took the gift from Xander’s hand. They did not say whether they liked it or not, but expressed gratitude innocently. “Thank you, Uncle Xander.”

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