My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball Chapter 851

Chapter 851 My stomach Feels Unwell

Xander did not mind. He smiled instead. “You don’t have to thank me now. I want to ask you guys for a favor.”

Hearing this, the little ones were immediately on guard.

Rosalie was also in a puzzle. This time was the second time Xander and the little ones met. she wondered why he wanted to ask them for a favor.

As she wondered, she noticed Xander’s gaze on her.

Rosalie was startled.

Then, Xander spoke as he looked at the little ones again, “Can I borrow your mommy for a while?”

The little ones looked at each other as if they had seen this coming.

They knew Uncle Xander was going to take their mommy away again.

If their daddy knew about this matter, they wondered when Daddy and Mommy would get back together.

With this thought in mind, the little ones shook their heads without hesitation and responded firmly. “Mommy has promised to take us out to play today! Grown-ups shouldn’t lie to their kids!”

Xander looked at Rosalie bewilderedly when he heard the little ones ’ answer.

Rosalie looked troubled.

She knew Xander wanted to talk to her about work, but she had no idea how important it was.

“I tried to buy some time from Director Spiros. Heronial Corporation will be seized at 10 a.m.. Before that, we can bring out the materials we need, which is also convenient for our research later.”

Xander said, “That’s why I came early this morning.”

Hearing this, Rosalie was anxious and did not notice anything strange. She did not even ask why Xander was wasting his time telling her these since time was so tight.

Realizing the situation’s urgency, Rosalie got up without hesitation to help him convince the kids. “Sweethearts, Mommy has to go out now. You stay home and wait for me to come back and take you out to play, okay?”

The two little ones were reluctant to see their mother agree. However, they had no reason to refuse because it was related to work.

Rosalie said that and got prepared to leave.

The little ones were more anxious when they saw that their mommy was leaving.

Nox tugged his brother’s sleeve, urging him to think of something.

Although both were equally smart, Lucian was often calmer.

Lucian noticed his brother’s hint and frowned. Then, he cautiously glanced at the adults and noticed they were not paying attention to him. He winked and silently said, “Let’s fake being ill.”

Their mommy would care more about them than her job.

The two brothers understood each other so well that Nox understood Lucian’s meaning immediately. He crouched down on the ground, wrinkling his face and covering his stomach.

Lucian noticed his mommy was already at the door. He turned around and called out his brother’s name, “Nox, are you alright?”

Hearing the little one’s voice, Rosalie stopped and looked back anxiously.

When she saw Nox squatting on the ground holding his stomach, Rosalie walked back quickly, “what happened? Are you feeling unwell?”

Nox sniffled and looked up at his mother pitifully. “Mommy, my stomach feels unwell.”

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